Friday, April 11, 2014

How I Lost 12 Kilograms in 12 Weeks

Have you been thinking about losing some extra weight that you had been carrying around, but do not know how to go about doing so?   How does being provided breakfast, morning break, lunch and afternoon break for 3 months at no charges, and getting paid to lose weight sounds? If your BMI is over 27, the study I just went through recently might be right for you.

The fat blob above is how I looked like just before a colleague introduced me to a research study called "Effect of 12 weeks consumption of Palatinose compared to sucrose on Body Fat Composition and Body Weight in overweight and obese subjects" by Singapore Institute for Clinical Science.  I participated in this research study because I had always wanted to lose weight and the prospect of getting paid for it sealed the deal.

If you are selected for the study, you will be provided ALL meals for a full 12 weeks, except for dinner which you would have to stick to healthy options.  You need to take before and after photographs of all the food you consume during this period and to go down to the research centre 5 times in total.  You will be reimbursed $25 per trip and at the end of the 12-week period, you also get a lump sum of $200.

I just completed my 12-week cycle on 08 April 2014.  I had managed to lose 11.8kg in total, reduced my BMI to 22.6, lost 7.2% in body fat and 3 inches off my waistline, just by sticking to the diet provided.  I also got a detailed report which showed a reduction in my cholesterol level as well as my blood pressure level.  Losing weight is a given in this study as you will be given a lower calories diet but I managed to lose so much only because I had terribly bad habits to start off with. Soft-drinks were my only liquid intake then and I would only consume meat, the fatter the better.

Staying healthy is of paramount importance to me now that I have dependents and I will have to work doubly hard to maintain healthy eating now.  PM me know if you are interested to take part in this ongoing study and I will link you up with the researchers!  Meanwhile, stay off sugar if you could, you would probably lose a few kilos just by reducing the intake.

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