Saturday, September 13, 2014

eXplorerkid @ Amk Hub [Sponsored Review]

Steffi kept asking about going to the indoor playground at Amk Hub every time we passed by and she got her wish last month when the kiddos were kindly invited over by eXplorerkids for some play time!  Although not the first time we were there, since the kids were all members as well, Steffi, Leroy and Stacci still cannot contain their excitement when they knew they were going to the indoor playground!  They knew exactly what to expect, like putting on of socks and cleansing of hand with sanitizers.  And before I knew it, off they went straight into the ball pits! 

The three musketeers having a ball of a time at the ball pit!
The kiddos loved the shooting games they played with one another using the air-powered soft-ball launchers, and amused themselves playing the hide-and-seek within the giant maze too!  Steffi enjoyed the tall slide, but Leroy and Stacci only dared to take the smaller slides!  You can check out some of the playstation highlights here

The kids are ever ready for photos, especially when they are happy!
My own take on the place is that it is extremely convenient for families living in the central or northern side of Singapore, especially when the eXplorerkids at E!hub would be too far.  The full-day play during off-peak period at $9 is also affordable, but the kids would need to be member first to enjoy that rate though.  More information on the rates here

The kids have the 3rd level to themselves and truly made themselves at home.
Being Singaporean, I think we often take into consideration the value-for-money of things, such as the number of play stations etc, but ultimately it is still the kids who are enjoying the play.  Having been in operations since 2011, there are definitely some wear-and-tear in the facilities so do not expect everything to be spanking new, I did not.  The size of the indoor playground is definitely not as big and spacious as the one at E!Hub but it sure made keeping an eye on my 3 kids much easier!  I remembered having a hard time going after the kids who ran at different directions in much bigger playgrounds! 

Despite playing for 2 hours non-stop, the kids did not want to leave the place at all!  My kids are my bosses, if they love the place and had fun using the facilities, playing among themselves, that’s really good enough for me!  I merely had to use my eye-power on them.  They never found it bored with this playground, so I am guessing it wouldn't be long when they ask to be back again.  You can find more photos of the kiddos in this album

There is a promotion for 2-hr peak hour play at 50% off going on till end of Sept that you might wish to consider!  Have fun!

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