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Yoomi Feeding System [Review and Giveaway]

Baby Louie was given the opportunity to try out a revolutionary new bottle feeding system (to me, in Singapore at least) by the kind folks from AT Marketing, PR and Food Consultancy and I was ecstatic when I read about how the Yoomi system warms milk to the correct temperature of 32 – 34 degree Celsius with the press of a button EVERY time, for I had been lugging a thermos flask of hot water, mineral bottles of plain water and milk powder in my backpack every time the family goes out for a long outing.  It would be AWESOME if I can shave off some kilos from my backpack by using the Yoomi feeding system!

Little Louie looked really happy with his new "toy"!
Feeding System Quick Overview 

So let me run through very briefly with you on how the system works! 
  1. The feeding system consists of a Yoomi bottle, feeding teat and an alien-looking warmer. 
  2. One needs to “recharge” the warmer either by (a) microwaving, (b) boiling OR (c) steaming it. (Choose one method)
  3. Let the warmer cool down fully for around 75 minutes and it will be ready for use. 
  4. To use, one only need to press an orange button on the warmer through the teat. 
  5. Place the bottle upside down with the cap on and viola, you will have milk at the right temperature for your baby in just 60 seconds! 
The full set consist of the bottle, teat, collar, cap, microwave pod and warmer.
Our Experience 

I had brought the system along on our family trip to Japan last week.  I do not have a microwave oven at home but the apartment we stayed in had one so I took the opportunity to try it out there.  The microwave recharging method consists of two simple steps.  That is microwaving the warmer in its special microwave pod for the duration of its Stage 1 timing (to be determined on the first “charge”), followed by shaking the warmer for 30 seconds, and microwaving the warmer again for another 30 seconds and shaking it for a final 10 seconds.
So I had to determine the Stage 1 timing by microwaving the warmer for a first 60 seconds and removing it from the microwave and try shaking.  If there is no rattling sound from the warmer, one would need to put it back into the microwave oven for another 10 seconds and try again.  My warmer rattled on the first 60 seconds, so I needn’t try again.  My Stage 1 time was determined to be 60 seconds on 75 watt power.   Are you confused already?  Don't worry for it's really pretty straightforward IF you follow the step-by-step instructions given.  

My personal understanding of this system is, one needs to heat the substance in the warmer first to liquefy it, hence the rattling sound of ball bearings when shook.  Once the activation button is pressed, the substance will release heat and slowly solidify again, till the next recharge. 

Now the joke.  When I finally needed to use the warmer in Japan and I tried pressing the button through the teat, I realized that the button was damn hard.  I tried a couple of times and failed to move the button a teeny bit.  I re-read the instructions again and realized that I forgot to microwave and shake for the second time when I first calibrated the warmer! 

The red activation button at the top cannot be pressed until the warmer is being "recharged" and the substance inside liquefy.
Also, my first try (after finally recharging properly) with the bottle on Louie in Japan didn't work, as he probably wasn't used to a different teat but I was determined to test the bottle and warmer out and I got Leroy to try it for me instead.  He obliged, and was equally fascinated by how his cold milk warmed up so fast with the bottle in his hands!  His only grouse though, was that the milk flow was too slow for his liking (for it was meant for Louie in the first place anyway)!

Testing out the system on Louie while the older kids are at play.  Holding it upside down for 60 seconds to warm the milk up!
After we came back to Singapore, I brought the system out to an event and finally got to use it on Louie. This time round he took to the teat easily and had warm milk within a minute!  The system worked perfectly as it should.  Louie is an extremely impatiently baby and would cry out if he doesn’t get his milk fast enough, but not this time!

Little Louie enjoying his perfectly warmed milk without fuss!
  1. The warmer takes away the need for guesswork for the right temperature and one will never overheat the milk which can cause the loss of nutrients. I sometimes do overheat the milk myself, and have to end up running the bottle under running tap water while listening the sound of crying Louie in the background. 
  2. It is fast to warm, and reduces the possibility of milk contamination, especially if one uses the “bottle in hot water” method for warming up milk which takes a lot time. Even worst if one have to defrost the frozen breast milk.  
  3. Reduced weight and possible water spillage in MY backpack! (the more bottles one carry, the higher the risk of water spillage) 
  1. The charging of the warmer isn't really that fast. Microwaving is the fastest, at around 2 minutes and the longest would be boiling for 30 minutes. Whichever method you use, the warmer needs to be cooled down for 75 minutes before use.  (You can cheat a little by placing it in cold water but then it wouldn't be sterile) 
  2. The warmer can only be used ONCE and needs to be recharged. So if one goes on a long trip, multiple warmers IS required. 
  3. In local context, one may find less use for the system at home, for one would probably have an electric thermos pot and if going out, many eating places would gladly provide warm water. 
I personally loved the practicality of having a few warmers in my backpack instead of water on my trips out with the baby.  The warmer had fulfilled its intended use of warming up the milk really well and now you can stand a chance to own a set of your own too!  Just follow the steps below to get one at a discounted price –

The "Perfect" Father Fan Discount

Additional 5% discount on the purchase of Yoomi feeding system launch (Booth A26) at Baby Market 2014 happening from 02-05 Oct 2014 @ Singapore Expo Hall 4 just by quoting The “Perfect” Father or simply by showing this blog post. 

Usual price = $59.90, 
Launch price = $49.90 + Free 5oz bottle worth $18.90
Your special price when you quote my blog (The “Perfect” Father) = $47.40 

Discount not enough? You can stand to win a set of Yoomi Feeding Set 8oz worth $59.90 for your baby simply by following the steps below – 

Yoomi Feeding Set 8oz Giveaway
  1. “Like” and “Share” Yoomi SG FB page 
  2. Post the comment “I Love Yoomi / The "Perfect" Father” on Yoomi SG page directly, and tag 5 friends in a comment under your original post. 
  3. Giveaway ends on Friday, 10 Oct so keep your fingers crossed and wait for your winner announcement from Yoomi SG!  Winner will be chosen by Yoomi SG. 
Meanwhile with the time saved from troublesome milk preparations, have more fun with your babies instead everyone!  

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