Friday, September 5, 2014

Swensen's New U.S. Southern BBQ Menu [Sponsored Review]

The family recently visited Swensen's at ION Orchard and had the opportunity to try out Swensen's new tantalizing seasonal dishes and I must introduce all 5 of them to you fast, for they are only available for a limited time, from 01 Sept - 31 Oct!   

Steffi when told we are going to try EVERYTHING!!!
Let's start with the appetizer! I know of soft-shell crabs and your usual cereal prawn, but this is the first time I tried Firecracker Soft Shell Prawns!  It comes with fries, as well as fresh vegetable sticks and is served with sweet tangy pineapple BBQ and tartar sauce.  The prawns are lightly battered and coated with an unique blend of spices after frying.  Be very careful, it's addictive!
Firecracker Soft Shell Prawns ($8.90)
Next up, we had the Cajun Chicken with Creamy Ranch Sauce.  The half chicken was absolutely tender and my knife cut through the flesh like hot knife through butter.  It has the usual sides like salad, but I was surprised that the BBQ beans were really nice and flavorful while the mixed wild rice was a really nice touch, and a healthier choice as well.  Steffi and Stacci loved the chicken meat, but I had to be careful not to include the skin for they found the herbs a little too spicy for their liking.  Though I personally found the ranch sauce very mildly spicy only.  

Wah!  Cajun Chicken with Creamy Ranch Sauce at only $15.90!
Grilled Snapper with Seafood Creole Sauce is another sure winner!  This is not the usual cheap dory fish but fresh snapper fillet that's tenderly grilled and topped with the chef’s own special creamy creole sauce.  There are generous chucks of scallops in the cream sauce, as well as shrimps.  The whole family loved the really fresh and soft succulent fish but the shrimps were a little too tough for my liking though.

Grilled Snapper with Seafood Creole Sauce ($17.90)
Stacci gave me the weird look and asked why there was a knife through our Jalapeno BBQ Burger when it was served and I had to explain to her that it was Swensen's unique way of holding the burger together.  The patty was thick and juicy with onion rings and flavorful jalapeno chucks too!  Oh, the thick-cut fries are lightly seasoned with Cajun spices too, as Stacci found out too late. 
Jalapeno BBQ Burger ($16.90)
Then there is also a special drink to go along with our meal which is the zesty Key Lime Soda that Steffi relished and kept close to herself throughout the dinner.

Yup, Steffi loves the special concoction, the Key Lime Soda ($5.80)
But how can a trip to Swensen's be without ice-cream dessert after meals?  The kids would NEVER take no for an answer and you can imagine their wide grins when told that this particular outlet offers an all-you-can-eat ice-cream & dessert buffet!  You can basically recreate your favorite Swensen's sundae with all the toppings available, or simply create your own!   

The pricing for ice-cream & dessert buffet! Not only ice-cream ok?
One walk round this counter top and you would wonder why your bowl is so small!
It's not only the usual ice-cream flavors, but they have premium Gelato as well!
Look at Stacci's smirk, it's ice-cream heaven!
We had a great time at Swensen's ION Orchard.  It's a great place for a gathering and catch-up with friends and family over desserts, and the Cajun Chicken and Grilled Snapper from the seasonal menu are definitely worth a try!!!

Order up any U.S. BBQ main course with the Firecracker Soft Shell Prawns and enjoy the refreshing Key Lime Soda at a discounted price of $2!

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The kiddos were all smiles after the hearty meal which ended on a sweet note!

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