Monday, December 14, 2015

3M Hello Kitty Anti-Slip Stickers

[Product Review]

I was wearing slippers out yesterday when it rained. Was walking along the wet pavement and everything felt alright, until I stepped onto the smooth surface of the wet granite floor and almost fell! Got the fright of my life and it was only then I remembered I had a pack of Anti-Slip Floor Stickers from 3M that I have yet to stick on my bathroom tiles! 3M sent me the full kit just in case I couldn’t get it right! Lol. 

Let me take you through the easy steps to make your bathroom slip-proof and Hello-Kittified at the same time -

The pack consist of 3M Sharpshooter™ Tough Stain and Grease Remover to get rid of any dirt or stains.  Scotch-Brite™ Powerpad 2000 to scrub away any tough stains and a microfiber wipe to clean up prior to affixing the stickers!
1) Clean the surface you wish to fix the stickers on. Remove all obvious dirt!
2) Use Grease Remover to thoroughly clean the tiles so that the stickers can stick better!
3) Use Scotch-Brite™ Powerpad 2000 and say goodbye to any tough stains.
4) Now that few tiles looked so much cleaner than the rest. Hee hee!
5) If there are any liquid that needs to be wiped away, you can use the 3M microfiber wipe.
6) Get ready the stickers!
7) Lay the stickers down on the tiles and arrange them according to your desired outcome. The stickers are easy to peel and fix!
8) The final desired outcome! The toilet is official Hello-Kittified and the kiddos can look at them when doing business! No fears of slipping from now on!
Thank you 3M for the love! And for all you Hello Kitty fans out there, these stickers are retailing at $24.00 at POPULAR and selected NTUC outlets now for a limited period only! More product information here!

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