Saturday, December 19, 2015

Fatherhood. Because of Love.

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I had never imagined myself to be a father of four. I knew I wanted to have kids after I got married, but it never crossed my mind that I would have four kiddos and in such quick succession. 

Knowing how the world has changed, I have never expected the kiddos to provide for me when I grow old. Seriously who dares to bank on the kids supporting them at old age these days? Horror stories of children abandoning their parents when they are old and sick is no longer new or shocking. So what exactly got into me that made me take this gamble, this great leap of faith into fatherhood, multiple times no less. 

I always had the great honor of holding my babies (Louie here) first over the wife
It must have been the pleasant experiences I had with each of the kids. The warm fuzzy feeling I felt when I held them in my arms from the moment they were born, to the proud moment when they started to walk and learnt to call me daddy! They were exactly how I would have wanted my kiddos to be like, and it was through them, that I realized love at first sight, was indeed possible! They made me whole, and gave me a meaningful purpose in life. 

Parenting had also evolved. Nowadays it is no longer the case of the husband working while the wife stays at home to look after the kids. Our mindset has to change. It is the norm for both parents to be working these days to help cope with the rising cost of raising kids, and yet fathers are also more involved in day-to-day care of the kids and are as hands-on as mothers! But the more involved one is with parenting, the more rewarding it is too. I had embraced fatherhood, and it was the best decision I had made in my life!

Everywhere we went, we went with the kiddos. I couldn’t really imagine anywhere without the wacky kiddos and the wife!
Speaking from my own experience, once we had the kiddos, my life is no longer mine alone. I am a very calculative person when it comes to spending money, even on myself. I will think twice about having that add-on to my lunch or even that drink upgrade unless it's really worth it. And yet when the kiddos give me that longing look for something I knew in my heart, that will be replaced by something else in no time, I will still cave in occasionally. I want them to be happy, and to be about to enjoy their childhood, and I scrimp and save for that purpose. A bout of illness a few years back required me to go for more thorough checkup. It was during that trying period that I learnt it wasn't the illness or even death that I truly feared. It was really what would happen to my children and my wife should the anything happen to me that I fear. I was lucky my fears were unfounded then, just lucky.

That had been many unforgettable moments I had with each of my kids and it was only recently that one happened. We had a late dinner with friends in town and I had to take the MRT back on my own because my whole family couldn't fit into a friend's car even though he wanted to give us a lift. After I bade the wife and kids farewell and as I made my way to the MRT station, I suddenly heard someone shouting daddy! It was my eldest, Steffi. She caught up with me and grabbed my arms. As we walked into MRT station, I asked her why she followed and she replied ever so softly, "I know you are sad, because you had to take the MRT alone while the rest of the family enjoys the ride back." Even typing this out now brought tears to my eyes. She knows me best.

Steffi, my firstborn always knew the way to my heart with her thoughtful words and actions
It is moments like this that make me feel whatever sacrifices I need to make for the family, totally worth it! Do you have any special moments with your kiddos that you would like to share? Do so over at Tokio Marine Insurance Group Singapore Facebook Page, and stand a chance to win $200 Takashimaya shopping vouchers too! 

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