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Disney on Ice presents Magical Ice Festival

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The last time we went Disney On Ice was already 2 years back, when the kiddos were so much kiddo-er. We were seated somewhere at the middle on at the side of the stage and had a birdseye view of the entire set. We were able to see all the characters and not miss anything from our vantage point. The show was of course awesome and the kiddos enjoyed pointing out their favorite characters to me and asking me a gazillion questions!

Great to be back after two years, and now the kiddos are also older and I needn't have to explain THAT much!
This time for the Magical Ice Festival, we were seated right in front of the stage, at the centre and it is then, we finally experienced the "magic"! Being able to clearly see the performers' facial expressions and feel the emotions portrayed surely beats being seated far away and feeling somewhat detached. The kiddos sure felt the same, as they moved with the groove and danced along with those in hooves. It was havoc when the familiar songs played, and they screamed sang along at the top of their lungs!

And who wouldn't know of the little mermaid, except that my kiddos asked if her name was "Ariel", "Arial" or "Aerial"?
So lovely isn't she? With or without legs.
A total of 4 classical stories were condensed into mini-plays for the musical. One gets to relive the underwater experience and the well-known story of Ariel in The Little Mermaid as Sebastian narrates and sings. I must say that Ariel is sure much more skillful with her new legs than many of us as she impressed us with her aerial prowess too! Beautiful costumes, especially that of Ursula! 

Maximus was sure the crowd puller! The kiddos all went WOW!
The lighted flying lanterns part was a beautiful scene!
Rapunzel and Flynn getting up close with the fans with their ride (which they didn't get to ride).
Next up we had Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled who mesmerized the audience with their moves but it was really Maximus who stole the show. Who would have thought that horses could skate? And a really huge but funny (and grumpy-looking) horse no less! The kiddos loved the horse, and I was thinking at the back of my mind that perhaps they should try to get Flynn to ride on "it" next time. The floating lanterns were another highlight not too be missed.

The sets were really beautiful and a sight to behold. 
The performers are all decked in costumes that were faithfully replicated and it was a treat to watch them in their choreographed dance moves to the classic songs! 
The classic Beauty and The Beast was once again brought to live by the talented performers. Even though the kiddos knew the storyline by hard now, they were fully transfixed to the characters just a few rows in front of them. The costumes and set were all so detailed and the clever use of lighting and pyrotechnics were truly an experience to behold. And at the end of it all, we were all looking forward to a happy ending between the lovers. I definitely heard a lot of "aww" from the audiences!

And it really snowed during the performance, to the amazement of most, especially the kiddos and driving everyone crazy!

And here are the super famous Frozen sisters on ice!
And its a no-brainer which act was the finale for the entire performance! It had to be the famous sisters Elsa and Anna from Frozen! I was quite interested to find out for myself, on how a skating musical can replicate the awesomeness of the animated movie and I did. When the first character Kristoff went on stage, I thought his face suited perfectly to the character. Hence I was also just a little disappointed when Elsa and Anna come on but the kiddos were never bothered la! It was a wonderful feeling to be able to move to the beat and sing along with the kiddos. There was no questions about it, this is the BOMB and they enjoyed everything about the performance. It is after all, Frozen, and the very first time it is on Disney On Ice. 

Some tips to share
  • Go early and browse the merchandise if you can. Staying behind after the show to get them would be overwhelming for those with multiple kiddos in tow. It will be very crowded AFTER the show.
  • The experience of seeing everything within your line of sight from afar is good, but to get slightly better seats and be able to see the performers close is awesome!
  • Cotton candies, popcorns and drinks are available right in front of the rink during intermission, so get ready to open up your wallets.
  • Go on, be a child and see along with your kiddos, you will enjoy it and grab that booster seat too!

Let me warn you, lots of cutey stuff are available before, during (intermission) and after the shows!

Useful Information

Date: 11 March 2016 to 20 March 2016
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Official Website:
Booking Website:

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