Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The First Ever My Little Pony Run

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A happy photo of everyone before we start the run!
Knowing how crazy the two girls, Steffi and Stacci are over the ponies, I knew we HAD to be there for the inaugural My Little Pony Friendship Run that happened last Sunday. Over 5,000 other pony fanatics flocked over to Sentosa Palawan Green and took part in the run across 3 different categories. There was the 6KM Bestie Run, 4KM Fun Run as well as the 1KM Pony Kids Run. The runs were definitely well-organized and the crowd control was pretty good considering the HUGE turnout. However I did hear of runners not able to participate as they were unable to reach the site on time due to the traffic congestion in the island. It would probably be a much better idea to take the monorail in from Vivocity instead, since the ride was also free for runners too! Otherwise one would really have to set off much earlier than the stipulated timing in order escape the jam and to get a parking lot. 

Leroy looked confident throwing that bean bag, only to miss all the cans! 
Steffi hit some tins too but it wasn't enough for her to win a prize.
Besides the run itself, there are lots of fringe activities to keep kiddos (and adults) alike entertained. Lots of backdrops to take photos too, but the queue was really long though and we didn't want to queue. We took part in some mini-games and yours truly scored a prize for knocking down all the tins. Very cool I would say, except that having the 3 kiddos share ONE figurine would be akin to finding trouble for myself. Luckily they were placated with pony plushies instead. It is always great to find familiar faces and it is no different for this event. We met many other parenting blogger friends, celebrities and said hi to that BARBIE guy (@jianyang1979 on Instagram) who collected barbie dolls (and a whole lot of other dolls). And I even got to meet my primary and secondary mates as well! 

Rainbow Dash (left) came out to cheer all the runners at the starting point!
The girls were all still smiley at the beginning of the race.
But you see the little one's legs turned wobbly at the 1KM mark and look at her face!
The kiddos were suddenly energized by the appearance of hundred of bubbles!
And finally they reached the end point!
Met their long time friend at the game stalls.
And we also found two pretty ponies from!
Met up with daddy's primary school mate too!
Ah... the kiddos met pretty mommy Jaime Teo again!
Look at all the fans waiting for the song and dance of the ponies!
And a group photo at the end of the performance.
We didn't queue for the popular backdrops, but this had no queue so....
The family had an awesome time at the run and we are sure looking forward to the next MLP run! Thank you for having us Hasbro!

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