Thursday, March 3, 2016


LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS had just arrived in Singapore and the lucky kiddos received an Ultimate Aaron #70332 and an Ultimate Macy #70331 for their review earlier! This new series revolves round five knights, namely Clay, Macy, Lance, Aaron and Axl who hails from the Kingdom of Knighton. And under the tutelage of wizard Merlok 2.0, they will have to pit their brains and brawn against Jestro the evil jester, along with the Book of Monsters and an army of lava monsters. 

These packs consists of a mini-fig, base and some weapons. I also downloaded the app to try out.
When I first laid my eyes on the package, they reminded me much of the medieval sets that I played decades back. Upon closer inspection though, I realized that all the weaponry had turned futuristic and mechanical. In fact, to enhance the play experience beyond the physical toys, LEGO has also made available an app called MERLOK 2.0 app on both iTunes and Google Play, in which one can collect over 150 unique powers by scanning codes that can be found on the LEGO building sets, online and print advertisements or even the Nexo Knights animated series (currently showing every Sat, 9.30am on Cartoon Network).

And Leroy can't wait to get his Ultimate Aaron fixed up!
And while he was fixing, I was busy scanning the shields to gain special moves for my character in the game!
Each of the shield represents a special power that will be unlocked once you scanned it. It is really addictive I tell you!
A total of 11 different building sets, as well as 6 different "Ultimate" figures (each consisting of a knight or enemy, a stand and a range of weapons) are available at the LEGO Certified Stores (LCS), Toys'R'Us, LEGO Mono Brand Stores and selected departmental stores or toy stores, with prices ranging from $19.90 - $179.90. Do check out the dedicated LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS interactive portal to learn more about the characters and find out about any on-going promotions or events too!

Steffi and Leroy fixed them up in no time, but it is no longer just physical play now. One can even take the fight over to the virtual world of MERLOK 2.0 app game as well!

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