Monday, August 15, 2016

The "Perfect" Father Cooks!

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I attended a cooking class recently, the first ever “real” cooking class where I get to cook for real. I had been to my fair share of “cooking” classes with the kiddos, only to mix and stir at most. Well, to be fair those classes were meant for kiddos, so they had to be really safe. 

Since it was really my virgin adult cooking class, I had totally no idea what to expect, how it will turn out to be and I even had to borrow an apron. Luckily they made the exception for me when I asked to bring my eldest daughter Steffi along for support. 

For this inaugural cooking class by Chef Diana Gale (from The Domestic Goddess Wannabe), we were actually taught how to make one dessert and a spaghetti dish from scratch. And I heard some terms used in cooking and learnt about different types of sugar and flour for the very first time in my life. A truly eye-opener for me. Who would’ve knew how to “macerate” strawberries or the difference between one flour from another? Not me for sure! 

It was a really fun class I say with this lady!

I have a sweet tooth and would gladly have dessert for all meals if I had to, but I never thought that making my own Strawberry Parfait from scratch would be so SATISFYING! From dicing the strawberries, cutting up the sponge cake, whipping your own cream, layering the parfait to finally tasting it! 

All it needs is a little chilling!
The only meal I had even cooked for myself would be instant noodle topped with an omelette and I already found that troublesome because of having to wash up the pan and the pot after cooking. Imagine my surprise when I learnt from the Chef, the lazy easy way of cooking a nice One-Pot Pasta with Spiced Chicken and Oregano Breadcrumbs! And we really used just ONE pot for cooking everything, from the breadcrumbs, chicken to the pasta! Amaze balls! 

As you can see, I am the thorn amongst the roses. 

My partner for the day, Adeline Onn, who makes beautiful jewellery pieces at Adeline's Loft!
"One Pot to rule them all!"

The fear of the unknow is holding back many from discovering wonderful new experiences. I am glad that I came for the cooking class, and discovered for myself the feeling of cooking up a meal. Of course I felt a great sense of achievement, especially when my loved ones likes what I made. With that, it might just change my renovation ideas for our new place, and perhaps make me allocate more space and budget to my kitchen! 

My photographer of the day, with the Chef!
We all would have encountered boring lessons at certain points in our lives. The ones which makes you feel so miserable that you would rather be anywhere else perhaps? Well, no worries about that with this humorous lady chef who looked and sounded as if she had been teaching for the longest time ever. And she has baking classes coming up next, which I think would be very interesting as well – 

Hands-on Bread Loaves and Bread Buns

Venue: Bosch Experience Centre, 11 Bishan St 21 Level 4, Singapore 573943 (Near Marymount MRT)

Date and Time: Friday 26 August 2016 10am - 1.30pm
Fees: $124.25 per pax
Maximum Class size: 10
Registration Link: 

Date and Time: Saturday 27 August 2016 2pm - 5.30pm
Fees: $124.25 - $139.63 per pax
Maximum Class size: 10
Registration Link: 

Limited slots only, so be sure to sign up if you wanna learn how to bake your own bread loaves and never look back at the stale loaves in the supermarket shelves ever again!

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout Steven! Great to have you as my cooking partner too. :) And I must say again, Steffi has a great eye for photography. Must nurture more!