Friday, August 19, 2016

The Big Man Behind little Magazine

I shall be honest, I hardly buy magazines these days and had relied heavily on news articles shared on the various social media platforms. In fact, I had not watched a single full TV episode for years already and only felt the absence of newspapers when I needed them (for uses other than reading).

With all the information in the world readily available in a little handheld mobile device these days, it seemed to me, that printed publications are going the way of the dinosaurs. I got to meet the big man behind one unique 'dinosaur' a while ago and had a great chat with him. He is none other than Kenneth, big man of ‘little’ magazine and the one who does photography, copywriting, design and about everything else.
I admit that before this, I only knew of the existence of 'little' through taking part in its online giveaways / contests! Cannot help it lah, contest junkie here leh. Hence I ended up asking him more -

Me: I sense a lot of passion and confidence from you when you mentioned about 'little', what is it that differentiates 'little' from any other parenting magazines out there in the market, and its niche in this digital world?
Kenneth: I personally still believe in reading a book and flipping the pages. Touching the texture of the paper which it is printed on, sensing the smell of the paper as you flip the pages, these are the little things u can never get from any electronic device. Technology is a natural progression and it goes hand in hand, but somehow it feels more” alive” with a book. ‘little’ tries its best to convey the 'joy' and 'experience' in reading a book/ magazine via strong contents and visually beautiful images. Difference? Well, we have our own style and direction that is distinctively unique and refreshing.  

Indeed that made me take out my copy of ‘little’, flip through the pages and take deep breathes. It had been years since I last enjoyed reading a physical magazine, especially one with interesting contents relating to parenting. Have you only been reading online too?

Me: No doubt “little” is your baby and you spend a considerable amount of time working on it, far more than any other 8 to 5 jobs I would reckon. Tell us more about your family. How do you manage family time? And what do your children feel about your working hours?
Kenneth: Frankly, I must say, I am very lucky to have a truly understanding and patience wife (Belinda) :) who puts up with my crazy hours and ideas :) As to my children (Ian and Rain), they are used to my insane working hours but i do try my best to spend quality time with them as much as I can. My family is the main reason why i am doing 'little', both are driven by passion and maintained by love.

So true that having the whole family rallying behind you for a common goal makes it all worthwhile. And spending quality time with the family is important, not only quantity.

Me: I admit I hadn't been reading much, but I know that 'little' touches on Singaporean topics such as SG50 and Singlish or feature local celebrities like Jack Neo etc as well, BUT I always wonder why there are always so many more Caucasian child models featured (just like many other publications I had come across). Is this some industry standards or could you shed some light on this as I had been wondering for so long!
Kenneth: Sad to hear, don't worry, i will send you copies for you to read. LOL. As to the selection of kids, it is usually base on the brand direction and fit of clothes. The kid has to be able to represent the Brand that he/ she is representing.
Understandably it still boils down to the 'Brands'. I don't know about you but I would rather see a better representation of the real demographics. Besides, only Ang Moh wear nice clothing meh? But still, thanks for the magazines Kenneth!

Me: If you are given a chance to turn back time, what would be the things you would have done differently, for ‘little’, and for your family?
Kenneth: I never look back and wondered if I could have done better, I am grateful for what I have at the moment for 'little' :) As to my family, the only thing is maybe to have more 'time' as it flies by so fast.

Walau a, asking what if only mah! But then again, it is a timely reminder that we can't change the past, and for us to live in the present. Indeed time flies and look how tall his kids are already.

Me: Is there anything you would like to tell our readers about ‘little’ and what to expect for the coming months?
Kenneth: If parents/ readers are looking for something refreshing, current, and informative yet stylish, try 'little'. 'little' is turning 3 years old this Aug 2016, expect 'BIG' news soon!, so look out for us at all major bookstores! :)

Heartiest congratulations on turning 3, and I know there will be many more years to come, especially with the great support from your fans. So where's the party?

This unique 'little' magazine is available at all major bookstores, but for now you can first follow them on their website, official Facebook page and Instagram for more info and giveaways too! Woohoo!

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