Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Secret Lives Of Pets

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The kiddos were excited after catching the trailers of The Secret Lives Of Pets and had been bugging me to bring them to the cinemas ever since then. We know how trailers work right? Sometimes you get all excited to catch the movie after watching some amazing trailers, only to get disappointed when you realize that all the exciting parts in the movie, were already shown in the trailers!

No such problems with this movie, as the kiddos were laughing throughout the movie. Even little Louie sat through the show and enjoyed every moment of it! Throw away any understanding and knowledge you may have of pets, be it rodents, canines, felines, reptiles or avians, and enjoy the movie like a kid! Lighten up and have a jolly good time! 

The kiddos enjoyed interacting with the many canine friends at the preview!
If there is one movie you would like to bring your kids to during this September school holidays, this would be it! But be warned that you might just get the "can I have my own pet" request after the show! You will never look at pets the same way again, especially rabbits. Thank you for having the kiddos over UIP Singapore!

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