Monday, July 10, 2017

Going Japanese @ Bishan Junction 8

I am someone of simple taste and do not live to eat like many of my friends do. But if you ask me what cuisine I love, Japanese would come to my mind immediately. I love my tempuras and sashimi, while the kiddos enjoys ramen and udon with gusto too! Hence the likelihood of the family walking into any Japanese restaurant to shouts of "irrasshaimase" is pretty high. And we are definitely glad that Junction 8 has quite a few for us to choose from, including Japanese desserts!

My first impression when I chanced upon this new shop with a name I still do not know how to pronounce accurately, was how expensive the confectioneries were compared to your neighborhood shops but yet still attracts long queue. That piqued my interest and I got myself a whole tiramisu cake the last time I went. Not that I was hungry, but because it was the more economical than getting a single slice! And I tell you, there is no turning back after I tasted that cake. Since then, my family have pretty much tried everything and they are absolutely delicious! You must try their swiss rolls and mochi!

Another favourite haunt for our family would be the Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant. The portion served is rather substantial and even for our family of 2 adults and 4 kiddos, we would usually just order a 2-pax set and add on some dishes depending on the level of "hungriness". We would usually have the hotpot (with udon) and their pizza is pretty nice too! We love the kids-friendly environment and it helps that the food was nice too. You can also try out their bubble tea too if you do have cravings like I do!

It is quite troublesome to tell the person taking your order to leave certain ingredients out of your food order, or to request for specials. This restaurant actually eradicated that totally by having you fully customize your own maki roll, and have you eat only what you love! The rolls are also package in a beautiful and handy box for easy carrying and makes for a good meal on-the-go. Besides the rolls, you can also customize your own salads, as well as savour different variety of snacks such as kara-age, tempura and fries too. Check out their local-inspired Maki Lemak that is available now, or any of their current available "house rolls" if you are too lazy to "make" your own.

Yoshinoya (#01-38)

I guess many should be familiar with this Japanese fast-food restaurant. I remember having this quite often in my teens because the rice bowls fill me up adequately and I especially love their delicious beef slices with the streaks of fatty goodness. I would often finish up the rice first, leaving the best for last! They do offer rice bowls with Kara-age, Tonkatsu, Yakitori, Salmon and even Char Siew. For those who do not like rice, they also have ramen too.

Looking at the selection of Japanese snacks in the stall reminded me of the stall in Ameyoko, Japan! The stall offers a wide selection of Japanese dried fruits, sweets and other titbits that is priced by the weight. So if you have any cravings for something sweet or sour, check out the outlet just located outside FairPrice Finest!

This blogpost is brought to you in collaboration with Junction 8!

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