Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Red Riding Hood 小红帽

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We visited Singapore Repertory Theatre at KC Arts Centre again last weekend to catch a very familiar play! It was a story that everyone would have heard of, and a story with various different endings / variations and I can bet, almost always in English also. But this time round it is different, we are watching the play in Mandarin!

The kiddos with the amazing performers!
I was having doubts about watching a play with a storyline that I know so well, and in Mandarin no less. I was afraid that it would be boring. Being my first time, it was kind of weird for me to hear the songs in Mandarin and I was trying hard to catch the words. But my fears were really unfounded, as the artistes were all truly profession in their delivery. You will be able to hear adults laughing so hard at their jokes or actions, and even more than the kiddos at times. I know I did! A truly entertaining play for both kiddos and adults alike, and you will not be bored even if you need to stay with your kiddos throughout. Kiddos nowadays are so accustomed to fast animations and info on demand, but the show still manage to captivate my kiddos with its seamless changes in scenes and great performances by the artistes!

The show is now on till 01 Sep 2017 only. For more information and booking, please check out this Sistic page.

Thank you for inviting the family over for the play Singapore Repertory Theatre! We truly enjoyed our afternoon and our kiddos gives their thumbs up for a really great performance!

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