Sunday, July 23, 2017

KOOZA is Cool sia!

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This is the second time that I am catching a Cirque Du Soleil production and only because they are here in town, like they did before in 2015 for Totem. The two older ones gave a resounding yes when told they were going again this year, and they could still recall the great performances of the frog people the last round. I am so happy that they are back again with Kooza!

Many had asked if the show was worth watching and I had to be honest with my assessment. Firstly, none of the death-defying were refreshingly new, and you would have seen them on TV programmes before somewhere back in time. So why watch again? Let me tell you, it is totally different when you watch it performed live! And you are not watching the acts in isolation, but as part of an entire artistic presentation. 

The view from any corner is still good, except if you are blocked by any of the supporting beams.
One of the first acts, the Aerial Hoop involved the female acrobat hoisting herself and spinning high in the air. Nothing much maybe but then knowing that she did all these without any safety nets / lines got my adrenaline pumping. Any miscalculations would have disastrous results. so all these acts are you are going to watch, are the results of years of hard work and dedication by the performing artistes.

Then of course, the cost to bring the whole family to the circus will cost us an arm and a leg. I will still catch the circus on a date night with the wife even though I am really a miser when it comes to entertainment. Simply because the performances were top-notch and the clowning totally entertaining. But to bring the little rascals along may prove to be little erm, painful though. So thank you Sliding Doors Entertainment for having us at your opening night with all the celebrities! In any case I know cost will not be an issue for many, so please go ahead and enjoy one of the world's best known circus right here on our sunny shores! It's worth the hype so get your tickets here!  

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