Monday, August 6, 2018

Gululu - Interactive Water Bottles!

Introducing the kiddos to sugary drink so early, is something I easily consider as one of the worst mistakes I made in my parenting journey. While I do admit I dislike plain water myself, getting the kiddos to drink up these days, is tantamount to wanting their lives! And it is an uphill task to get them to have enough fluid, unless they are of the sweetened type. I thought that was it, that I would have to rely on scolding, bribes and threats to get my kiddos to drink plain water. Then the unbelievable came along, the Gululu Bottle. For once in my entire parenting life, I actually had the kiddos asking me to refill their water bottles (and not with soda!), telling me that they had finished their plain water, and have them drinking on their own free will! 

The girls love their Gululu bottles! 

So what sorcery does the bottle do, that can get the kiddos to drink tasteless pure H2O without the constant nagging of yours truly? The magic is through gamification. Each bottle comes with a digital screen that is about 5cm tall by 4cm wide and houses a pet that the owner gets to select. This is so reminiscent of Tamagotchi that was all the craze previously. The distinct difference between Gululu and Tamagotchi is that the former requires users to drink the water in the bottle to level up and collect rewards, unlike the latter which only requires pressing of buttons.

The Gululu bottle comes in a very presentable box, and included a docking station and an extra drinking tip.

With the water intake monitored by the sensors within the bottle, I am able to monitor the water intake of each child through the app while the kiddos can happily upgrade their characters when they drink up! The ideal situation would of course be to educate the kiddos and teach them the importance of adequate daily fluid intake so that they will be do it willingly, but I would not be rejecting the help of our Gululu bottles any time soon! However I will still have to warn you that although the bottle is quite high-tech, it will not be able to differentiate the type of liquid. So let's just hope that your kiddo will not try to beat the system, if you know what I mean. 

Steffi and Stacci each chose their own pets.

When the bottles come into close contact, their pets can even 'jump' over to visit when you shake the bottles!

The pets get to level up and learn new tricks as well. Collect gems etc with all the different steps you perform.

I downloaded the Gululu app and started monitoring the water intake of the girls, which showed steady progress in their water consumption. And the app also allows me to limit the usage to only after school hours because the pets may make noise whenever the girls are drinking. And Steffi was being warned by the teacher once when we first started using the bottle as the teacher thought was playing games in class!

I can monitor Stacci's progress. And the required intake is determined by their age, weight and height if I remembered correctly.
Only one app and I get to monitor both Steffi and Stacci!
I can also set the time that the pet will be active too.
The Gululu interactive bottle retails at $199, with an additional $20 for local postage. You can find out more about the bottle and the functions on their official website. If you wish to get it now, you can place your order conveniently at and get the bottle protector and strap free. Be pleasantly surprised by the willingness of your kiddos to drink from the bottle the moment they receive it! You can also email to if you wish to clarify anything with regards to your purchase.

The one on the left is with the bottle protector and strap. 
Note: This blog post is in collaboration with Gululu. We were provided with Gululu bottles for review. All opinions and photographs remains solely ours. For more information on Gululu, follow them on their Website or Facebook.

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