Friday, February 21, 2014

Addicted to Having Babies?

I am often being teased by friends and colleagues for having 3 kids and still wanting more.  Sometimes they would ask me if I have nothing better to do at night other than procreation or why don't my wife install a zipper since it's always C-section?  The best I heard was whether we did it for the baby bonus, as if the amount was HUGE.  Anyway, the cash bonus is barely enough to cover the checkups, tests, doctor's fees and hospital bills, not to mention the next 20 years of bringing the kid up.

Talking about bills, I actually felt pain when I accompanied my wife for her gynecologist visit just a couple of months ago.  I had initially thought that it was a routine "meet-the-fetus" session and didn’t knew I had to fork out money for the package at the end of that particular visit.  That, must be the reason why my wife specifically asked if I could make it for that day.  But hey, at least I got the following scan of him.

However I must say that the feeling is totally different when I was paying for the final bills at the hospital prior to discharge.  For the the past 3 occasions I didn't even blink or check any bill details but simply paid up and smiled all the way home with my wife and newborn.  All the three were Thomson babies and I am very familiar with the place by now.  Heck we even got a hamper for their frequent delivery program!  Just kidding, there's no such program but they do have some first / subsequent born incentives and we really did receive a hamper from the hospital on our third stay.

Okay back to why we want to have this many kids, it is simply because we desired to have kids!  After trying unsuccessfully to conceive for 2 years, we went for a medical checkup and were told that my wife had fibroids and that might have been the problem.  It was only after much pill popping for both of us that we were finally managed to see a “+” on the pregnancy test kit!  Argghh unfortunately it was just an emotional rollercoaster ride for both of us when the fetus did not survive pass 12 weeks and my wife was made to go through the D&C procedure. 

That made us feel very strongly that babies are really pecious and we did not hesitate having one baby after another.  We were also lucky that our parenting experiences with the 3 kids had been wonderful so far and it helps when I have my parents-in-laws staying just 2 units away and having my sister-in-laws who help out whenever it's needed too.  Family support is a must, especially when our double income is required to sustain the family.  It is hard to trust maids with the house, let alone kids and we are thankful for our supportive families.

Initially my wife was telling me that 3 kids is enough, that we are also not getting any younger and she have had enough of carrying a big load for months.  We are not sure if we can cope financially as every dollar had to be stretched now and money wisely spent.  We are also afraid that the kids might blame us later for not giving them the best they deserved, as we have to spread our resources amongst all of them.  But there was one night when she asked me, don’t you think that Stacci is so cute? What if we have one more?  We took the plunge and the rest is history.  By the way, any suggestions for a baby boy's name starting with "L"?  We have got roughly 2 more months before C-day!

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