Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Post Numero Uno

First and foremost, thank you for visiting my blog, and for reading my first blog post (the first line at least).  I am Steven Teo, youngest son in a family of 4 boys and talk about coincidences, my wife Laifong actually came from a family of 4 girls!  My childhood consisted mainly of after school hours with neighborhood friends, catching wild guppies in the canals, looking for tarantulas and centipedes in the forested area of Mt Faber and helping out my Dad at his butcher stall in the wet market (more like playing the fool).  But don’t play play, I know how to extract the brains out of pig heads perfectly okay?

I guess deep inside me, I knew I wanted to start a family early. I met my wife in polytechnic, we got together after a short courtship following graduation and she stood by me through my National Service.  We finally got our own HDB flat and registered our marriage when I was 23. I think that’s a fairly early age to get married for my cohort but we still ended up only having kids another 6 years later.  That's after we have finished paying our study and renovation loans and after going through our customary marriage.  This is also when we realized that one DOES NOT get kids as and when one wants.  We know, because we tried for a quite a while.

So why do I want to start a blog you may ask?  Well, I wanted to digitize and forever remember the funny moments and quirky quotes from my kids and present the truthful me to them when they grow up and gets to read this blog.  I hope it would be a wonderful gift to them and offer them insights into why Daddy (and Mommy) behaves the way he does.  I would also like to share with readers what it is like to have 3 kids (4th one will be due in Apr 2014) in Singapore and how a lower-middle income family like mine cope with the challenges.  Of course, I do hope to meet other parents, especially other Daddies and share our parenting tips!

I do have a Facebook page here and I hope to see you there as well (do like us too!)  Leave me a message here or via FB inbox to get in touch.  I will be updating this blog with photos and stories as much as I can, really soon!  And lastly, just to clarify, while I aspire to be the perfect father, no one is perfect (I am far from it) and hence the inverted commas!


  1. Congrats on your blog! You have a warm story to tell the world.

  2. Hey thanks for the kind words! I will surely fill this blog my real life experiences soon!