Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Warmth and Kindness from A Fellow Commuter

I was bringing Leroy to visit my Mom on my own today as she wasn't feeling too well lately.  Steffi went to work with my wife and Stacci went out with my sis-on-law.  

Leroy insisted on taking bus this time and so we waited.  It was a pretty long wait and when the bus arrived, it was packed to almost the brim.

First a nice guy made way for us and gestured to us to take his standing space at the side, so that Leroy would have a pole to hold on to and there's less chance of him falling.

Then an Auntie saw him and pulled him to her seat.  She lifted him up to her lap and carried him for me!  And now as I blog, Leroy is napping peacefully in her arms.  Can't thank her enough.  It's simply awesome that these acts of kindness were shown to us!  Singaporeans are a kind bunch!  

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