Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stacci, My Second Princess

We knew we wanted 3 kids, that's why Stacci is no accident. I remember I was sitting there in the operating theatre, armed with my camera and waiting for her first cries. I kept poking my head over the green sheet trying to sneak in some shots of the doctor at work but the nurses would have non of it. I ended up getting scolded and had to sit still holding my wife's hand.

When Stacci finally popped her head out from the incision made, and when the doctor showed her to me, my first words to my wife was, "she looks exactly the same, like a duplicate!" It's only when I tried to do a photo montage of the three kids that I realized Stacci looked much bigger and puffed up.
Anyway Stacci is not the same from her two older siblings. Stacci has this ultra cute look and her signature pose of sticking out her tongue like the Japanese character Peko Chan is simply adorable. But don't be fooled. If I said Leroy is stubborn, this little one packs double the punch.

And she had mastered the act of manipulation at the tender age of two. My mother-in-law is often the recipient of her skills, always falling into her trap. She can also turn on and off her tear ducts at will and would make a good child actress. I had lost count of the times she accused Leroy of bullying her, that led me to punish Leroy only to find out she was lying. Kind of scary that she learnt all these at this age if you would ask me.

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