Sunday, July 13, 2014

Guardians of The Galaxy Red Carpet Event [Media Invite]

The family scored some invites from the kind folks at Hasbro Singapore and wonderful peeps from Shaw Online for the Guardians of The Galaxy Red Carpet Event last Saturday.  That's how I got enough invites to be able to bring both Steffi and Leroy this time round.  The wonderful thing about having these special VIP invites is that we need not have to come REALLY early to queue up and the chances of meeting the stars are much higher.  However this not guaranteed as well for they might still walk pass on the other side.  Anyway, the kids knew what to expect too.

Guardians of The Galaxy Singapore
The kiddos with their many photos in the VIP area.
Guardians of The Galaxy Singapore
Steffi and Leroy with the cosplayers from Movie Mania Singapore!  Never fail to see them at events like this! Awesome!
Guardians of The Galaxy Singapore
I am fully prepared this time, with foldable chairs for the kiddos too while we wait for the stars!
I ever mentioned before that Leroy was a really lucky boy, and he got to meet Andrew Garfield at The Amazing Spiderman 2 Red Carpet Event and Press Conference and Hugh Jackman at Southeast Asia Blue Carpet Premiere of Xmen: Days of the Future Past as well.  I am sure there would be many others who had met all the stars before, but which kid got carried by them or managed to get as close as Leroy?  And for the first two times, the invites had to be won through contests some more!  So, I conclude that he is indeed lucky!

James Gunn Guardians of The Galaxy Singapore
Leroy giving the victory sign and getting carried by Director James Gunn!
The first star to walk past us at this event is non other than the Director of the movie, James Gunn!  He was extremely friendly and despite the heat and humidity in Singapore, he tried to oblige all the fans with their request for photos and autographs.  Leroy was no exception and he even managed to get carried by him as well!  

Dave Bautista Drax The Destroyer James Gunn Guardians of The Galaxy Singapore
We could only watch as Drax The Destroyer walked past us on the other side with his minder.
Unfortunately for us, Dave Batista completely missed us as he was on the other side again, just like what happened with Hugh Jackman!  But the minder didn't see Leroy this time.  So when we saw Dave walking away from us this time, I had to change to plan "B".  I walked to very end of the red carpet with the two kiddos, hoping to catch him if possible.  Every other fan must have thought of the same and there was absolutely no chance of us squeezing into the front row at all.  That's when I noticed a lady from the media who was in the cordoned off area where all the cameras were.
Dave Bautista Drax The Destroyer James Gunn Guardians of The Galaxy Singapore
Happy kids with their photos taken with Dave Bautista!
I humbly asked for her help in getting a photo of Dave with  Leroy and Steffi and she was kind enough to help and even carried Leroy for me.  Thank you so much, whoever you are!  We just stood there and kept our fingers crossed, that Dave would stop when he walked past.  Luckily for the kids,  he did and both of them managed to get their photos, with Leroy probably becoming the last person to take a photo with Dave at the red carpets.  

Lucky Leroy with his many encounters with the stars!
It all started from The Amazing Spiderman event and now that Singapore had became the choice venue for red carpet events, we had somehow turned into star chasers.  In fact Leroy had became a veteran in getting photos taken with stars!  Daddy mission accomplished again, for this time!

More photos of the event can be viewed here and see who else they met! 

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