Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A bout of Sickness Made Me Thankful

I guess you must have heard about the saying, "one never learns to appreciate until one loses it", or something to that effect.  But you really have to go through it oneself for it to hit hard. 

You probably wouldn't have thought much about the mundane food you have been eating daily, or the drinks such as kopi-si or milo that you may enjoy daily.  It was tough for me these few days, for I couldn't even hold any food or drinks at all, as I was vomiting due to food poisoning.  Makes me feel that food, any food would have been wonderful.  As I type now on my phone, I can feel my stomach rumble, but the fear of regurgitation is still there.  Dilemma. 

Going through bouts of sickness like this, is taxing on the body and the family.  It makes one feel blessed just to be able to perform daily activities like playing with the kids and I feel extremely bad having to impose on my wife, to take care of a fifth child, one who is sick, ME.

I feel totally wasted, weak and battered while my wife shouldered the responsibilities of taking care of the kids on her own.  She even had the energy to clean up the house and bring the kids downstairs for play so as to give me more rest. 

The kids playing downstairs while I rested at home.
I am really thankful for having such a strong woman as my wife and the mother of my children.  Dada, I may not say it or express it but I appreciate you more than ever.  I know you are always there for me.  Meanwhile, I will try my best to get well soon and to everyone else, may good health forever be with you!

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