Monday, July 14, 2014

Printing a Personalized Photo Book is Easy Peasy! [Review & Giveaway]

What do you do with the many photos you take of your kids and family?  For me, I often take hundreds of photos whenever I bring the kids out.  This is because I often used the multiple shoot function on my trusty Sony Nex to capture the kids and their many expressions and I end up with a lot of photos.  The lazy me should have done some housekeeping but sometimes, I find it hard to delete even if the photos doesn't turn out exactly the way I wanted.

My phone, please don't ever die on me!
Sometimes when I wanna show my friends photos of the kids in my hand phone also difficult.  As my iPhone has over 9,000 photos at last count and it is tough trying to find a specific photo.  The WiFi capability of my Nex camera makes it worst, as I would often download lots of the photo into my phone for editing.  I also have a couple of hard disks full of beautiful photos that I guess I would hardly get to see ever again.

I remember once taking up a Groupon offer for a free photo book with the intention to get some of the nicer photos of the family printed out.  Turns out I still had to download their program onto my PC and when I did, I found that it wasn't that user-friendly.  So in the end, even though it was free, I totally gave up.

I was given another chance a couple of weeks ago when the nice folks at p;log approached us, and we got to try out their browser-based editor.   This time round, it's super duper easy for me!   All I needed to do was to register an account at their website, and start editing the photo book with lots
of themes, background, stickers etc for me to choose from!  If I cannot finish editing at one go, I can also save my work as a draft in the cart under my account to be retrieved again later.  I got to see exactly how the product will look like before it's printed.

However if you don't have limited ideas or if you simply wished someone would do the layout and design for you, then you are in luck because p;log can even do that for you for FREE!  After they are done, you can review and make any changes you like to the draft!   I took the free design option as I wasn't that satisfied with my own work.  Steffi wanted a say and demanded a few other photos of me to be included into the photo book which I did on my own.

Steffi showing off her present from us and p;log.
Here's Steffi checking out the pages of her personalized photo book!
Sample pages from Steffi's photo book.
We can't wait to see how her photo book would look like, but we needn't had to wait long after we confirmed our order.  In fact, it took only two days for us to get the book and I must say that Steffi was very pleased to receive her gift from us and the wonderful folks at p;log.  She kept browsing through the pages and even made sure that my photos were included!  How sweet of her!

The photo book came in a nice paper bag and perfectly wrapped as a great gift for anyone!
The photo book came encased in a nice protective cover in a beautiful paper bag and I believe that such a book would be wonderful personalized gift option for anyone.  We at The "Perfect" Father would like you to have a try at creating your own personal photo book too!  And here's how you can win one worth $49 for yourself or your loved ones!

Giveaway ends at 2359hrs on 19 Jul 2014.  Follow the simple but compulsory steps number 1 to 3 to qualify, but doing all of step 4 will give you additional chances at winning! 

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3) Like, share (publicly so that I can see) and tag friends (as many as you like)
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4) You may follow the additional steps listed in the following Rafflecopter for additional chances at winning! 

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Meanwhile do take a tour at the p;log's official website to register your account first and try editing your photo book in advance.  And if you win, all you need to perform a "checkout" with the voucher code that you will be issued! 

Happy p;logging!

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