Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Kids had LUGE fun!!! [Review & Giveaway]

We decided to give the kids a little surprise yesterday and fetched them from their childcare earlier than usual.  Told them that we were going to Sentosa for some fun and that got them really excited!  So off we went!  With the three older kids, Steffi, Leroy, Stacci, as well as my wife and my mother-in-law!

The kiddos finally getting their tickets and they even had express wristbands!
The kids got impatient when they saw riders coming down the slopes and kept asking if they could ride, like NOW!  But before we get to ride the Luge down, we have to take the skyride up the slope first.  Initially I was afraid that the youngest, Stacci may be afraid of the ride.  But I was unduly worried, for the kids enjoyed the ride tremendously and took in the great view!  Steffi pointed to us the wonderful view of South China Sea behind us as we were going uphill, while Leroy looked out for the squirrels in the treetops.  Even Stacci spotted a “pirate” (parrot) perched on a pole and alerted us excitedly.  Only my wife and her mom got wobbly feet after the ride. 

Everyone enjoyed the Skyride, well almost everyone... Except for mommy... But she was calm enough to help us take photos!
One needs to be at least 85cm to ride and 110cm to ride alone.  Otherwise it would have to be a tandem ride.   Steffi barely reached the minimum height requirement of 110 to ride alone but we decided that it would be better for her to ride with me as she might lack the strength to pull the handle all the way back to brake.  

We had to take turns with different kids.
It is really easy to handle the Luge!  The Luge will not move till you pull the handle bar up to halfway, and it will brake when you pull it all the way back!  As for direction, it is just the same as a bicycle.  I took rides with all 3 kids and I must say all of them are speed demons who kept asking me to go faster and faster!  I wished I could have recorded a video of them laughing while I went down the hill at top speed.  I even heard my mother-in-law “scolding” Leroy for trying to wrestle the control from her in her Luge so that they can go faster!

Leroy pointing out that once is NEVER enough and posing for the camera when going up the slope on the Skyride.
It was a really fun bonding time for the entire family aged 3 to 67 years old!  We went uphill and down slope 5 times and the kids still demanded more!  Unfortunately it was getting a little late and we had better get going for my tummy was rumbling!  The Luge rides are open till 9.30pm actually and the world’s first and only night Luge rides are made possible with flashing lights illuminating the tracks.  Great for those who want to escape the sun!

The kiddos taking a short rest before going down the slopes again for the 2nd, no 3rd, no 4th time!
Skyline Luge was the winner of Tripadvisor’s Travelers’ Choice 2013, but one need not go overseas to enjoy the only Luge in Asia right here in Singapore.  It has been around for almost 9 years,  how could one miss it?  Go check out their official website for more information on their special family packages!     

You can see from the kids smiles that they truly enjoyed the Luge experience!
We have a piece of great news for you!  The "Perfect" Father has 5 sets of Family Passes to Skyline Luge and Skyride worth $39 each to giveaway, courtesy of Skyline Luge Sentosa!  Contest ends at 2359hrs on 29 June 2014.  

Just 3 easy steps for a chance to win the tickets!  

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