Monday, June 9, 2014

Little Louie's Pampers Journey [Sponsored]

Times passes by so fast.  Little Louie had already been with us for the past 56 days and his confinement lady had also left for almost a month.  We are already starting to find having 4 kids a little handful to manage between my wife and myself occasionally but hey our fun is also multiplied 4-fold!  Sometimes after an especially difficult time, my wife would even tell me off, saying "生生生, 有那么爱小孩吗?" (Keep asking me to give birth, do we really love kids that much?).  But we would always burst out laughing after that, because we knew the answer and she just needed to let go steam.

This is already the fifth and final installment to the parenting series by Pampers Singapore and OMY that involves a total of 7 other parent blogger, who are all moms!  That leaves me as the only thorn among the roses, the only dad blogger in the campaign.  You can read about all the blog entries from the other mommies (including mine of course) over here. 

Pampers baby dry kept Louie dry and our mattress well-protected, even when the urine flows all the way to the back of the diaper!
Besides the initial pack of diapers from the hospital, our Little Louie had been using Pampers Baby Dry since birth and our experience so far had been excellent!  The elastic sides ensured a tight and comfortable fit, while the ultra-absorbent material ensured that there was absolutely no leakage!  The wetness indicator ensures that we change the diapers whenever necessary just with a visual check and little Louie had not encountered any nappy rash at all! (touch wood).   

Louie is loved by all, and Pampers as well!
We are thankful to Pampers for sponsoring our fourth bundle of joy with the excellent product and trust that this should be the choice for other discerning parents as well!  Louie may be able to continue getting sponsored for the rest of the year if you could just take a little time to support the family by voting for us!  He has a one in eight chance!

The link to the voting contest is over at  It only takes 2 minutes, show your love for little Louie and family. 

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