Monday, June 2, 2014

The Family's first Staycation @ Hotel Re! [Sponsored]

The family and kids went on our first hotel staycation on Saturday.  It was possible thanks to the generosity of Hotel Re!, which recently celebrated its 6th anniversary on 15 May 2014.  It's been ages since I went back to this particular part of Singapore.  It definitely brought back lots of memories for me as I had studied in Outram Secondary School, which was just opposite the hotel building (former Pearl's Hill Primary School back then).

The hotel is about 5-10mins walk from Outram MRT station and is opposite my old Alma Mater, Outram Secondary School.
The thing that struck us when we first reached the hotel was that it was really colorful and retro.  We felt refreshed immediately when we stepped in and the kids even went "wah!" when they first got into the lift!

The eye-catching designs in the lifts reminded me of the lift in Legoland Hotel, Malaysia.
Our family suite on the 3rd floor was tucked at the end of the hotel corridor and separated by the service lift lobby from the other rooms.  That gave us lots of privacy and also meant that I need not worry about the din that the kids might create!
The rooms were filled with bright colorful retro designs!  The kids enjoyed hiding in the cupboards!
The suite consisted of 2 bedrooms, a living room and a common bathroom.  One room comes with a king-sized bed with TV and minibar, while the other has two single beds.  As lots of the wooden furnishings are in white laminate to bring out the colors in their designs, it also made wear and tear (over 6 years?) a little too obvious to the eye, which was really a shame.
The kids enjoying playing with their iPads and watching Jack the Giant Slayer on HBO.
Hotel Re! is basically a boutique hotel so there wasn't a swimming pool but the kids did enjoy the bathtub which was the highlight of the stay to them.  Oh, there is also a bidet toilet seat which I discovered after hearing a scream in the toilet when someone mistook the switch as the flush.

There is free use of the basic equipments in the Re!Charge Gym @ Level 10 for hotel guests who wanted a little workout.
We got a 50% off voucher for the ala carte items at Re!Fill Restaurant and went for a late night dessert.  The dessert was passable but maybe because we were the last customers, the service was a little slow for the family's liking.
Our overall experience at the hotel was great and the kids enjoyed watching cable TV and playing in the rooms.  We visited Red Star Restaurant that was 5mins walk away, which was the same place we treated our friends and family to after our ROM, 12 years ago. 

Family giving the thumbs up while on our way back in the shutter service, except for Leroy (who dozed off).
Despite being in an "ulu" location as one might describe, the hotel does provide complimentary shuttle service to and from Outram MRT, which we took after checking out from what the kids described as our "new home".  

Happy 6th Anniversary Hotel Re! and who knows?  We might just Re!Turn in the near future!

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