Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Smoking Kills, Why Continue?

I shared on my blog post a couple of months ago, the story about how my little Steffi "persuaded" me to quit smoking then.  It was more than 3 years ago when I decided to kick the habit and I am proud to say that I have not lighted up since.  However I will forever be branded as an ex-smoker and I will have to ensure that I NEVER start again. 

The reason why I decided to call it quits!
I read about I Quit Club's Facebook post on getting ex-smokers to share their stories a couple of months ago and I shared mine.  Little did I know that they would ask if I would agree to be featured in their promotional materials to lend credibility to their campaign this year.  I didn't know I had to put on makeup for the professional shoot last month but I was even given some vouchers for the effort and for signing off my rights to my images.  All that was just for shooting my "cannot-make-it" face!   

The VIPs launching the campaign while we have a family photo shoot towards the end.
I also attended the launch National Tobacco Control Campaign 2014 at Tiong Bahru Plaza last Saturday with my whole family.  Was asked beforehand if I would be comfortable to go on stage to share my story but I declined as I have stage fright.   Ended up getting interviewed by CNA (video available here) and Shin Min though, probably because of all my kids.

A small write up of my quit story in Shin Min on Sun, 01 June 14.
All smokers knows that smoking kills.  I used to get out of the house to smoke, away from my wife and kids, thinking that it would be okay.  But that was not enough as I failed to realize the harmful effects of secondhand smoke residue.  The only way is to stop, period.
The family had fun taking instant photos with the various props at the launch event.
If you are a smoker, no amount of helpful advice or cajoling from others would make you quit.  Only you, yourself can do it.  I did it, you should too.  Take the 28 day challenge and escape from the clutches of cigarettes.  You deserve better!


  1. Good job on sharing this anti-smoking campaign post! Cheers!

  2. Thank you Nick. Even if I could encourage just one more person to even think about quitting the habit, it would have been worth it! Cheers!