Sunday, June 1, 2014

JB Trip and Legoland Visit

Stacci had been telling us that she wanted to go to "gogoland" for the longest time.  It's not exactly a cheap place to visit for a family my size, with the tickets costing RM140 for adults and RM110 for kids.  That would be almost SGD$200 for the entrance fees alone for my family. 

Things really worked out for us this time as I won a pair of tickets to the Cold Storage kids run, which included Legoland child ticket as part of the goodie bag.  My wife also won a pair of tickets from the good folks at SengkangBabies in their giveaway contest earlier.  That meant we saved RM500 in admission fees alone!

With the tickets in hand, we only need to source for transport as we do not have a car.  The easiest for us would be getting return coach ticket for the family, but that would cost us $80 for 4 pax (Stacci is free).  A good friend, Wenshing who knew of our plans, volunteered to pick us up from JB customs and even offered her house for us to put up for one night.  We took up her offer of course!

We went into Johor Bahru one day before so that we need not rush the next day and I can satisfy my craving for some food.  I am so blessed that my wife doesn't mind the long travel by public transport to JB with the kids.  We took MRT from Ang Mo Kio to Kranji followed by bus 170.  It was my first time taking a public bus into JB and it was rather challenging as we had luggage bag, a pram and 3 kids and we basically slowed everyone down.

Here's the happy family on the way to Kranji, with the kids looking forward to Legoland! 
The kids were overjoyed when they got to my friend's place as her house was really big and spacious.  They were basically running about and climbing up and down the stairs without a care.  Wenshing brought me to a nearby pasar malam to buy dinner back for the family and everything was so cheap!  Imagine "Char Kuay Teow" for RM1.50!  Brought lots of food back and I hardly felt I spent anything.  If I worked in Singapore and stayed in Johor Bahru, I think I would probably afford another 4 more kids!

Later in the night, we went to a place that sold great lok lok.  Everybody including the kids enjoyed the food and there was even a stage for budding karaoke singers to show off their singing skills.  Even I was tempted to try but unfortunately I have stage fright.

The Lok Lok was really nice and the kids really enjoyed eating as well!  Thanks Wenshing!
We had this big room for ourselves and the kids played WII so late into the night that they couldn't be woken up in the morning!
Wenshing drove us to Legoland the next day and accompanied the family for the entire day.  The weather was really hot and the kids' moods were kind of affected by it.   

This is the first photo taken when we reached.  The sun was so bright that the kids cannot even open their eyes in the later photos!
Whenever they encounter any rides they liked, they would keep going for it multiple times.  Luckily our adult to kid ratio is 1-1 and we can go different rides at the same time.  Otherwise we probably wouldn't be able to take that many rides in one day.

The first ride that the kids got to enjoy.  Stacci needed a little help though.

Besides driving, we went boating as well!  The boat definitely isn't that easy to maneuver for the kids!

We played firemen too!  Getting our fire engines to the burning houses and putting out the fire!

The Lost Kingdom is another ride loved by the kids and they got to fire laser blasters at monsters.  But I half suspect it's also because the ride is air-conditioned!
There was not much of a queue at the Royal Joust.  The kids went MANY rounds but poor Stacci was too small for the ride and had to watch from the sides.
We also caught a Lego 4D show at the Lego Studio! 
Having been through the Shrek 4D show in Universal Studio Singapore,  we know that there would be use of wind and water somehow.  I checked the seats in front for tell-tale signs of booby traps but there were non.  I NEVER expected that we would get WET!  They basically sprayed everyone from the TOP and they even had foam!  So beware and ensure that your belongings are covered!

A very small preview of the various landmarks built with Lego bricks!
The rides in Legoland are more for the young kids but even when I said so, some of the rides requires a height limit of 100cm up.  That meant my short kids cannot take quite a few rides too and they were naturally disappointed.  Steffi the adrenaline junkie couldn't satisfy her craving of FEAR, and the roller coaster ride was too mild for her.

I would definitely visit Legoland Malaysia again if I am able to get free or discounted tickets, and when the kids grow taller!  It's cheaper for the family to visit our local theme parks though if transportation costs are taken into account, thus I would have to lookout for great offers on Legoland tickets!

The kid posing with the various Lego figures scattered throughout the park.  Check out their poses!

And finally a parting shot with Wyldstyle and Emmet!

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