Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Life Hacks with Kiddos

You would have probably came across some tips or life hacks being shared or circulated in your social media news feed or on YouTube and wondered for yourself if those methods really work right? Well, the same for me and what better way to find it out for myself, by replicating those experiments together with the kiddos. It was a fun learning experience for us but I have to warn you to do your homework and read up first, because the kiddos will have a lot of questions to ask you! So here are the simple few we tried! 

Separating Egg Yolks 

I have no doubt that some enterprising fellas would have had come up with some nifty device to get separate the egg yolks from the whites. But there is a very simple method, involving the use of a simple plastic bottle. All you need to do is squeeze the air out of the bottle to create the vacuum, place the opening over the egg yolk, release the pressure on the bottle and let the suction of the bottle does the magic. It will takes a little practice but in any case, you can still have scrambled eggs even if it fails. 

Tearless Onions Cutting

Okay, my kids are no fans of onions but they didn’t know that chemicals are secreted by the onions when you cut into them. So this is something new and fascinating for them, but unfortunately it made them hate onions even more. The simple foolproof method would be to wear swim googles but nope, we are not doing that. We tried cutting the onions in a container of water and that meant that the fumes never got the chance to reach our eyes. Another method we used was to have an open flame near where we cut them, and that also worked as well! 

Quick Chill Drinks 

Had a warm day out in the sun and come home only to find no drinks in the fridge? It certainly speeds up the chilling if you wrap wet paper towers around the bottles or cans you want before placing them in the freezer! Also if you want to chill a bunch of drinks quick using an ice bath, be sure to add salt into the container of ice water, it will turn the drinks cold faster and keep them that way longer too! Oh take opportunity to teach the kiddos about the dangers of Salt and Ice Challenge too and educate them on how the temperature of the mixture can go below freezing point and cause frostbite-like injuries! 

Experimenting with the kiddos can be so much fun and entertaining. Check out why playtime is important here, and discover other parent-child bonding activities here as well!

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