Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tech Saturday (Upsized!)

Technology and productivity is almost like a dirty word for some people who resists change. Humans generally fear the unknown, and perhaps also of jobs being taken over by technology or artificial intelligence. But change is the only constant and just like our generation having a better life due to easier access to education as compared to our parents, the way of life for our future generation will be totally different from us as well. Walkmans and cassette tape players of our times are long gone, replaced by great technological advances that would have seemed far-fetched back then. In fact the smartphone in our possession right now, has such immense computing powers that we can do practically anything with it. 

Whether you like it or not, technology advances is inevitable and it is imperative that we are kept abreast of the development, and ensure that our future generation are really "future-ready". Lifelong learning is the way to go, and my 72 year old father sets a good example with his own Facebook account and keeping constant contact with the entire family within our WhatsApp group chat. Any responsible government will take the effort to ensure that the citizens embraces technology and uses it to their advantage. And one of the ways our government is getting citizens ready is to showcase new technologies and innovations in Tech Saturday, a free tech carnival organised by the Infocomm Media Development Authority that is happening on Sat, 29 April at Hall C, Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Level 1. By the way, it's called Tech Saturday (Upsized!) now since it will run till Sun, 30 April and open from 11am - 7pm on both days!

So what can you expect at such a fair? We were keen to find out too, and hence popped over to PIXEL Labs@NLB over the weekend with the kiddos to participate in the “Little Artist VR” class by Presence Pictures. Here the kiddos were introduced to the basic concept of depth perception, re-imagining their world and drawing it in a special template, and finally using their proprietary app to turn their 2D drawings into VR photos with just a few simple clicks. They were then able to view their creation in 360 degrees on the smartphone, but the magical moment was when they put on their VR headset and experience true immersion into the world they just drew!

It was a wonderful experience for Steffi to be stepping into her own magical world!
This VR experience is just one of the many activities that the whole family (including the kiddos) can participate in at the upcoming Tech Saturday (Upsized!), and discover that technology can actually be simple and fun, and not something to be afraid of! There will be activities for everyone during the fair such as -

Interactive Showcase

There will be 14 projects in total, ranging from painting in 3D Space through Virtual Reality using HTC VIVE by Science Center to 3D-printed Superhero costume design by Pathlight School for the hero in you and me! Get to see innovative projects by our very own undergraduates from NUS and NTU Engineering too.

“Nanyang Venture 8 - 3D Printed Solar Eco Car” by NTU Engineering Undergraduates

Check out the First Lego League (FLL) Junior on Sat, 29 Apr and the The National Coding Championship (NCC) organized by Institute for Application of Learning Sciences and Educational Technology (ALSET), NUS on Sun, 30 Apr.


There are a total of 32 free sessions available for the public to book with something for every age group. Even my dad can try drawing in the air with 3D pen or creating a VR world which are sessions from amongst the 6 meant especially for our silver generations. Having said that, do note that reservation is open now, on a first-come-first-served basis. So you better hop over here to register your interest!

And learning never stops!
Tinker Space

There are more than 25 different tinkering stations for you to try your hands on coding, robotics, remote control flying and even life-size 3D printing.

There will definitely be stations that pique your interest!

Do you own and play RC 1/16 IR Tank? Well you can take part in the Remote-Control (RC) Tank Battlefield by signing up here. Otherwise go fly some drones or take part in the inaugural Tech Saturday Super Cup Challenge 2017 and compete with other serious esports gamers!

Try for yourself and see if flying drones is as easy as it looks!
Useful Information

Date: Sat, 29 and Sun, 30 April 2017
Time: 11 am – 7 pm Location: Marina Bay Sands Hall C Level 1
Find out more:

I don't know about you, but having the kiddos try out one session of VR fun, sure got them pretty excited! Looks like a lot of educational fun for everyone young and old, and I will definitely be bringing my brood down for more tinkering at this free event!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with IMDA. So are you ready for the future? 

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