Monday, April 24, 2017

Another Eye (DCS-936L) So That I Can See Better!

[Product Review]

Previouly we had the privilege of reviewing DCS-960L HD 180-degree Infrared Wireless AC Ultra-Wide View Cloud IP Camera from D-Link last Aug and I am glad to report that the IP Camera is still performing great all these while (read our review here). The quality of the streaming via their special app, mydlink Lite (available in App Store and Google Play) is fantastic and definitely fulfilled our family's needs. And if I expected anything more, it would really have to be movie-quality already.

Small box, small size but good performance. LEGO minifigure for size comparison and not included.
This time round, we had our hands on their latest, but cheaper D-Link DCS-936L HD Wi-Fi Camera from D-Link. So how does it measure up to the more expensive model we reviewed earlier? I was sure interested to find out too. Here are the steps in setting the camera up, and it took me 5 mins max -

1) Download the FREE mydlink Lite app onto your mobile device, or mydlink+ (payable but optimized for tablet use);
2) Create a new account for the app, or sign in as per normal if you already had one;
3) Log into mydlink app and add a new device by following the step-by-step instructions;

4) Lastly, enter your desired password for the new camera and you are good to go!

So what difference did I find between this new DCS-936L as compared to our earlier DCS-960L? For one, based on the pricing off Lazada, this new camera is $70 cheaper than DCS-960L. But I must say that the quality of the live-streaming from both cameras were comparable when viewed on my phone but DCS-960L's 180° view was superior to the new DCS-936L's 120° view. Having said that, with their IR LEDs on, both cameras still performed well under dim to complete darkness.

This was taken in almost complete darkness, and I failed to notice my half-naked body on my phone until I saw the photo on my PC!
What do I love about DCS-936L?
  • The camera is small and classy in black. Wall mounting is easy as well but I prefer not to fix it permanently so that I can move it around if required.
  • In my humble opinion, its 120° view would be more than sufficient for most use, and definitely for mine. To give up the 180° view (in the case of DCS-960L) and save some money can be considered. 
  • Having used the mydlink app for quite a long time now, I would say that linking a few sets of DCS-936L for the whole house is a viable choice! One can view and record footages / photos remotely via the easily installed and reliable app too!

What Considerations?
  • The microSD card slot allows footages to be saved directly, but I suggest you consider recording footages remotely through a Standalone Cloud Network Video Recorder as well, since any tech-savvy person (criminal) will be able to remove SD card easily. Unless of course you hide the camera well.
  • With so many camera brands around, D-Link is not exactly the cheapest, and there are definitely IP cameras with more functionalities at perhaps the same price range but I cannot speak for their reliability for sure. DCS-936L is available on Lazada at $119 right now though. *wink*

With the addition of DCS-936L at the other corner of my house, my living room is fully covered now and I can see the kiddos' every move even at work. I will surely be looking at setting up a COMPLETE network camera surveillance recorder with D-Link once I get the keys to our new house as well!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with D-Link Singapore

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