Monday, May 1, 2017

A Chocolate Adventure At Universal Studios Singapore

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The two younger kiddos managed to sneak into Chocolate Garden, the venue of the latest attraction at Universal Studios Singapore in Resorts World Singapore just before it opened to the public last Friday. So what can you expect at this special place that will only open till 28 May 2017? 

The kiddos with Mama Cookie, Candice Cupcake, Cookie Monster from Sesame Street and Chocolate Man.
Activities plus meet and greet timings. But why is the Chocolate Man missing? Read on to find out more!
I am pretty sure that parents will be happy to bring the kids to this new indoor attraction located just before Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase. I knew I did, because besides the whimsical decorations that gave the entire place a magical chocolatey feel, it also offers the family a very cool respite from the hot weather outside! There are basically a few zones here, with Lollipops Land on your left as you step into the garden, a Cocoa Hedge Maze where the kiddos can try to look for hidden treasures as they navigate through it, as well as the Cupcakes and Cookies Workshop.

We found Hershey's chocolates hidden around the maze!

When can we start decorating our cupcakes?
Getting a little help from Mama Cookie!
Visitors need not pay extra to enter this attraction and are free to roam about, but you can purchase marshmallows to dip into the chocolate fondues (some infused with strawberry or pandan flavors) scattered around the garden. Then of course, the special cupcakes and cookies workshops are payable, but the cupcakes are rather delicious I would say! 

Marshmallows for sale at $1 a pack, and you get to dip them into the chocolate fondues! 

Kiddos get to color and make their own giant lollipops too!

Happy kiddos with their fun creations!
There will also be special chocolate treats being served at the food outlets in the park ($20 will get you three selected chocolate-themed items at participating dining outlets) and while you are walking around, look out for the roving Chocolate Man with a special white Choco Man badge. Go up to him and say, "Got you! You are the Choco Man!” and you get to receive a mystery gift! I heard that one can stand to win retail and dining vouchers, as well as USS admission tickets too! Check RWS blogpost for more info and thank you RWS, for the inviting the kiddos over! The kiddos had a blast and I am pretty sure they brought back lots of sweet memories as well!

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