Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Music Run 2017

[Media Invite]

I have to admit I am no running buff and I join runs only because I would like to the kiddos to have a little more physical activities. If the family is not joining the run, I probably will not as well. Totally no motivation lah! Thus when the whole village was invited over for The Music Run that took place on 06 May 2017, we gladly went! Even though it was just 2 days before my bonding trip with Stacci and I risk injuries from my long period of not exercising! 

Being a first-timer to The Music Run, I do not really know what exactly to expect but I knew that the wife and kiddos were not THAT keen to be running though. However it all changed when we reached the venue and the kiddos were excited by the flurry of activities in the village. Teens and many adults as well were mesmerized by the showmanship of Nathan Hartono, while my kiddos were having fun taking part in some dancing games on Kinect while I went for my favourite bubble tea from Gong Cha! 

Had so much going on in the village that we were probably the last to start the run! There were no fixed stating time that you need to adhere to, and runners were free to start their 5km walk, run or crawl! We all know how uplifting music can be at times, and it was truly the differentiating factor in all the runs we had even been too. As we followed the tracks, we found ourselves humming along and even singing out loud when we heard our favorite tunes. The muscles did ache a little during the run, but the spirit was uplifted by the cheerful, colourful and lively atmosphere throughout! 

The run was inarguably the most enjoyable and entertaining run we had been too so far. Just so to be sure that I was not the only person to feel this way, I checked with my wife and the kiddos and found out that they felt the same way for sure! Thank you for having us over for the awesome run (that the kiddos ran the full 5km) and both thumbs up for the well-organized event!

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