Monday, May 29, 2017

When They Start Asking For A Pet


You are not going to take away my JJ! 
Stacci would ask to pet any dog that she came across during our Perth trip recently and had also brought up the question of having a pet of her own to which I answered, "when we get our new house and when you grow older." After telling her that, she keep wanting my reassurance by repeatedly asking, "I can get my own pet when I am older, and when we get our new house right?" Yes, she really wanted a pet puppy of her own but at her age now, she will never understand the amount of responsibility that comes along with pet ownership. Well as I knew that Hasbro will be sending the kiddos a little "pet" but I kept it a secret from all the kiddos to surprise them. Coincidentally Steffi also told me over Facetime that she wanted a toy dog as a gift from Australia!

The first thing that the kiddos noticed after I picked them home from the school a few days back, was JJ, My Jumpin’ Pug sitting on the sofa. Definitely made their day finding this cute new addition to the family and they cannot resist stroking the soft fur and patting JJ on the back and making him sit. The jumping and barking also excited Louie much! If you ask me, this is definitely so much more realistic in terms of build, feel, action and sound as compared to the random (albeit cheaper) toy dog that you will be able to find anywhere. This will be a temporary relief for me, as I will not be asked about having pets for the time being. It shall be a test for the kiddos as well, to see if they can share the pug! 

Thank you for sending the little one over, Hasbro Singapore! The kiddos loved it to bits! This little fella (retailing at $79.90) is part of a whole range of FurReal Friends from Hasbro, and is available at Toy "R" Us, Isetan and major departmental stores!

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