Tuesday, May 23, 2017

More Than A Photographer

Those who know me, knows that I love taking photos of my family, especially that of the kiddos. However, when it comes to photo editing and enhancements whatsoever, I am only able to rely on the Snapseed app on my mobile device. But I have to tell you, that app is da bomb and it is free to download too! Ok back to the topic, it so happened that when my wife was pregnant with Louie, she took on a maternity photoshoot package with home-based photographer, Zheng Liting from A Nic Tay Production. My wife was really happy with her work (and my wife isn't an easy person to please), hence we booked her a couple more times to take photoshoots of the kiddos as well, because she really trusted her.

You can see from the samples of work done for our family, that her work does not merely consist of photographing the subjects, but includes photo art and enhancements as well. Do you still remember when Neoprint booths sprouted everywhere and it was all the rage then? Well, some of the photos had the same kind of magical feel, albeit much more professionally taken of course! Do note that her packages only includes digital touch ups and colour tuning though, and fine art (if any at all) will be complimentary and out of goodwill. It is truly dependent on how well the model performs and how much she is inspired by the subject! This is because it really takes a lot of effort and time on her part to do any fine art. 

Feel free to contact her directly at A Nic Tay Production and let her know you got to know her through us. We earn no commission but who knows it may help us snag a session for Stacci! Lol.... 

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