Friday, October 16, 2015

AXA “Safer City Contest” and Free Protection

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We all know that Singapore is a very safe city right? Low-crime rate and everything is “Law-by-Law”. Unfortunately no matter how safe a place is, there are always uncertainties in life that one least expects. Who would have thought that having a late night supper after a long day at work would land one in hospital after the gas cooker exploded? Could that have been prevented? Well I guess so, a safer mechanism or a more reliable cooker perhaps?
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We often take for granted that everyday will go on as per normal. We wake up, work and then go back to the family. But what happens when accidents strike? Many would describe the feeling as being helplessness. Check out how an AXA Claims service manager Kenny helps his client, a Japanese restaurant owner rebound quick from a fire that broke out in his eatery. He ensured his chef got free physio for his arm, a social worker to help his elderly mother and even made sure that renovations begun immediately. It is very important, because good ramen is hard to come by the right company would put client's interests first and that's AXA's born to protect spirit! 

One can always try to pre-empt, predict or prevent, but nothing is going to be perfect! Hence there will always be room for improvements and that’s what makes the following contest I am going to tell you about so easy-peasy, because there'll always be something to improve on!

AXA wants your idea on how to make Singapore a safer place for all and has just launched a “Safer City Contest”! And AXA will pick 3 ideas and make them a reality! Are there any cause that you feel greatly for? Now may be the best chance to make it happen! There is no right or wrong answers, but your idea should primarily be how/who/where to make Singapore a safer city! I am a contest junkie too, and I would advise you to think fast and join fast to be the first 100!

Contest Mechanics

Top 3 entries will have a chance to see their ideas come to life! The first 100 entries get $30 Taka shopping vouchers! So hurry, SMS to 76677 in this format:

AXA [Space] Your Name [Space] Your NRIC [Space] Your Ideas.

Winners will be announced on AXA Singapore Facebook page on 16 Nov (Mon).

AXA Free Protection

Okay, before you get the wrong idea, the company is REALLY giving out free protection, but it's against mosquitoes, cuts, dizziness or coughs! In a very innovation way of getting their message across, AXA had transformed 4 existing bus stop advertising panels into HUGE capsule machines (what I would call Gashapon machines) at 4 different bus stops located at -
  1. Bugis Street (opposite Bugis Junction)
  2. Dhoby Ghaut (at Plaza Singapura)
  3. Marine Parade (beside Parkway Parade)
  4. Church Street (beside OCBC Centre)
Free big capsule balls containing band aids, mosquito patches, medicated ointment and cough drops will be dispensed when you press the button on the "machine". It's free, so expect the balls to fly, but luckily there will be regular replenishments throughout the day, and the items will also be rotated on a weekly basis. Pop by to grab some if you are around the areas! The kiddos got theirs!

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