Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Noo Trees, only Bamboos

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I was never bothered about the brand of the tissue paper or wet wipes I use, since my skin is so rough, that the softness of the material doesn't make any difference on my face anyway. The price would have been my main consideration though, for 4 kids uses up quite a fair bit of wet wipes. But there is one brand that I wouldn't buy again, even though it is usually really cheap when on offer. They are called wet wipes, but they took the "wet" part too far and the wipes always break apart before I can get them out of the package!

Just got to know about a brand called "NooTrees" recently and was rather intrigued by the name. Did a little reading up and was pleasantly surprised that the company actually produces a whole range of toilet paper, tissues and wet wipes, not from trees but from bamboos instead. Now, we all know that the haze which is affecting Singapore and our neighboring countries right now is largely due to the irresponsible clearing of land through the burning of vegetation for the purpose of oil palm and pulpwood production. All companies that deal with large quantities of paper products are now steering clear from those blacklisted suppliers. They know consumers are really incensed now and would boycott anyone responsible for the haze directly / indirectly. Not NooTrees though, for bamboos grow really fast and are really grass. You can cut it down and it will regrow, unlike pulp wood. Read more here!

I received some samples to try out and found that the quality of their bamboo wet wipes ($5.95/80 sheets) were indistinguishable from those made from synthetic materials, The moisture was also just about right and they are pretty strong too. However they are scented and the smell might not be well-received by everyone. The 2-ply pocket tissue ($2.00/10 pack/9 sheets) feels a little rough though, but I find it okay to use on myself personally. Ladies with delicate skin may feel otherwise perhaps? Their most creative range would have to be their Bamboo Self Spa range consisting of 3 different types wet wipes ($8.95/pack/25 sheets) and I think the ladies would probably love it.
  • Aqua Skin - Fights dehydration with intense moisture with Hyaluronic Acid, Omega 3 and 6, Vitamin A and E.
  • Spa Skin - Improve skin radiance with Powerful Actives and Essential Oils
  • Age Impact - Fights ageing with concentrated anti-age treatment with Q10, Peptides and Antioxidant.

One thing for sure is that their range of products are definitely higher priced as compared to the regular brand that's made from pulp wood. However, this is all about sustainability and the legacy we want to leave the younger generations. And just to incentivize you to try out, all readers would be entitled to 20% off ALL products through their online shop, just by entering my discount code "TPFGREEN" upon checkout!

There will also be FREE delivery for all purchases $50 nett and above (after discount) and the company will also donate 5% to my 4 kiddos' education fund! 

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