Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Review of "Pay The Ghost" by An Unlikely Reviewer

Ok, this is not exactly a review but I did bring Leroy to the preview of "Pay The Ghost" and he sure had lots of views. I knew he loved horror movies and hence I chose him over his siblings when I won the pair of tickets to the movie. I had initially wanted to watch the show, be done with it, and I wasn't prepared for his many questions after the show! Warning: Spoilers 

The following were some of his questions and there were many more I couldn't remember. 

  • Why doesn't the ghost kill the people who killed her and the kids, instead of abducting all the poor kids year after year? 
  • Why do they say "pay the ghost" when it literally meant paying the ghost with a child? Pay the ghost also no use right? Because you still have to give up 3 kids every year. 
  • He snooked me with this question. Can ghost touch each other? (I answered no, that they will be like air) Then he continued, how can the ghosts of all the kids prevent the evil mama ghost from harming the daddy then? Faintz.
  • How come when the portal closes and it becomes a wall again, the ghost cannot pass one huh? 
  • Why the kids cannot escape and turn into ghost after they are being imprisoned for over a year? How come the kids never die after being inside for 1 year and can still escape? Teacher say never drink for 3 days will die already! 
  • How come the ghost kill the aunty (mystic) so easily in broad daylight? Then the father and mother no problem even at night? 

With his many questions, I really cannot help it but think more in-depth. And the more I think, the more I feel lucky having won the pair of tickets. Pay the ghost? I am happy we needn't pay for the tickets. It was just another forgettable horror flick. If you want to know the entire storyline, you can check its wiki page

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