Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Spooky Junior 2015 - Enchanting World

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It was quite a last minute decision to bring the kids over to Spooky Junior at POLW, Sentosa last weekend and surprisingly it was the girls who wanted to follow me this time round. Leroy decided that going to work with mommy was a better choice. It was only when I got them dressed up and ready to get out of the house door when I realized that he was right, for I felt I was back in Genting highlands. The haze was back unfortunately.  

We had to wear masks as we walk over to Sentosa.
Nevertheless since I had promised the girls, we donned our masks and made our way to the State of Fun. The girls were expecting fun at the Halloween event since it was not their first time attending. Always fun to mix around and mingle with the other kids right? Unfortunately there was a much lesser turnout at the event due to the haze. The staff were still as enthusiastic as ever though ever thought there weren't as many kids! In any case, the parents who brought their kids out spared no effort in making sure their babies outshone the others! There were lots of very well-dressed kiddos indeed!   

The witch and the bat-eared fairy?
Little Stacci getting help with decorating her cookies!
I asked Steffi to pose with her cookie and she popped it right into her mouth. Yummy, she said.
There are also candy floss for the kiddos!
The highlight for the girls would be the completing of their activity card in exchange for a mystery gift in the magician's bag! Who could resist gifts anyway? One last party to go on this coming Sat, 31 Oct 2015 before Spooky Junior is gone for this year. So for all of who are interested to join in the fun, you can get your tickets online here!

Nice backdrop for photos!
The kiddos were really attentive to the emcees!
Stacci off to get some glitter tattoos.
But that's not enough and she got her face painted as well!
Steffi opted for the full-faced butterfly!
Making chocolate milk is also part of the activities to complete.
Haven't seen such happy witches for a while.

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