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Cirque Du Soleil - TOTEM

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A red carpet shot, usually reserved for the stars.
Last Wednesday was the first time that we got to watch the world-famous Cirque Du Soleil. Not that the kids had any chance to catch it in Singapore before since the last time they were here in Singapore was 10 years back, way before they were even born. The advertisements for TOTEM are now splashed all over Singapore, from MRTs, newspapers, to television and you wouldn't have missed it. Just search for the hashtags #CirqueDuSoleil and #TOTEM on social media and you will also find lots of awesome photos and accolades from those who attended the show. There are also lots of write-ups by fellow blogging friends from Sakura Haruka, SengkangBabies, Life's Tiny Miracles and HPility! and they will tell you how awesome TOTEM was. But I am just going to say what the kids got to enjoy!

Met many blogging friends at the show! Here's one with Andy and his brood from Sengkang Babies!
The kids got excited the moment they saw the big blue and yellow tents and immediately went monkeying around the courtyard. We spent lots of time soaking in the circus atmosphere and taking countless photos before we finally made our way to our seats. Met lots of celebrities along the way too. The first thing that caught Leroy's attention in the tent was the giant carapace of a chelonian. I was thinking to myself that it was probably some safety foam shaped like a tortoise shell for the acrobats just in case they fall. But it wasn't and the secret was revealed once the performance started. Just the opening act itself got the two kiddos glued to their seats!
Look who's gonna pull Leroy's ears? 
This is not the first circus we had seen, our first experience was at Chimelong International Circus in Guangzhou. China. The first act was about the origin of life and the acrobats in frog suits were really amazing with their precision and finesse and the crowd responded with their loudest clapping and cheers! It must have taken long periods of hard training together to put something like this together. I must add that they wore amazing costumes that truly mimicked the amphibians' shiny sheen on their skins and were spot on with their timing and the flock of their tongues!

The kiddos got to meet them up close and personal!
And there were of course hi-fives from the kiddos!
The other act which the kiddos enjoyed thorough was the skating scene were a performer who looked Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson performed amazing stunts on the smallest skating rink ever, with his partner (who reminded me of Pocahontas). Steffi said she loved this the most! There were so many other acts I would love to describe but then again, that would really be a spoiler if you intend to catch the show (which I really think you should, and with the kids too!). Some acts may look familiar and one might have probably seen elsewhere before, but there's only that much improvising one can do. Nevertheless watching it live is always amazing. Funny comedic actions throughout also kept the kids entertained and laughing out loud (or L-O-L like what Steffi would exclaim).

The performers from the act, Russian Bars. There were really a jolly bunch and picked the kiddos up for a nicer shot!
This being our very first Cirque Du Soleil show, I felt that the show was truly a visual feast for the eyes, with mesmerizing costumes and beautiful sets. Full of smooth mechanical transformations, wonderful light play and cool visual effects that seamlessly transforms set from one scene to another. The live music, often played using unusual "instruments" were also quite amazing, not to mention the beautiful and strong vocal of the African lady who sang live. If I closed my eyes, I would probably feel as if I was in the set of the Lion King! We attended the after show party, and the kids never wanted to leave, not until after midnight!

The only photo I took inside which showed the skeletal structure of the shell hoisted high up at the finale where the audiences gave a standing ovation for the awesome performances.
Met the ape after the show!
The Tracker was a strong guy and had both kids on his left arm!
The Clown Fisherman loves goofing around and the kiddos enjoyed his act too!
Valentino here loves showing off his bod and gyrating his hips, much to the kiddos' amusement.
Here's a photo with very obliging Jade Seah. Oh, I think that was Daniel's hand there.
We got to meet Jaime Teo again!
The kiddos found Patricia too! 
Thank you Base Entertainment for the wonderful evening at the circus and also to Hong Peng for bringing Steffi along! Check out Cirque Du Soleil's website to get your tickets now. Miss the show and you would have to fly to Tokyo to watch the next installation!

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