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Child Art Prodigy in just One Lesson

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Want to turn your kiddo into a child art prodigy with just one lesson? I show you how, just like what happened to Louie!

Painted by Louie (2 years old)!
Joking lah, Louie was just holding on to his older brother's masterpiece. But let me know if you come across any classes claims to do that, because I would love let my kiddos try out too! Since it is the school holidays and you are wondering what activities to engage your child in, you may wish to consider sending them to heART Studio Singapore for some holiday classes. My kiddos had been enjoying these holiday classes ever since our first trial back in Dec 2014, and we are so in love with the masterpieces they bring back each and every time!

Beautiful artwork by the students that hang on the walls of the studio!
What’s my take?
I have not been to that many different art classes I must say, so in all honesty I cannot really make much comparison. But I would just like to state that I am impressed by the small class sizes, and the effort taken by the teachers to communicate with the parents. They tried to point to us the weaknesses and strengths of the kiddos, and also share with us on how the lesson went, since we were not allowed into the classes.
The Scarlet Witch is starting to take shape...
Leroy taking a break from painting his Captain America.
Stacci's painting has 3D pop out boats made of clay too!
Washing up on their own after canvass painting.
Even at the end of the lessons, the teachers were heard reminding the kiddos on how to draw the shapes and mix the colors. There is no doubt that all the teachers took pride in doing what they do best and have the patience to guide the kiddos (no matter how naughty they were)!
Their Artwork
I promise you that you will find the finished artworks of all the kiddos amazing! In fact if you had not stayed around to observe them painting, you would probably not believe that your child painted the artwork! Having said that, we also can't expect that one lesson to turn the kiddos into geniuses right?
The sibling in their different classes.
Stacci having a little help from the teacher.
Steffi finishing off the painting with a blue background.
The kiddos do receive help from the teachers, especially for some of the outlining etc. but the majority of the drawing and painting work were definitely done by themselves. Of course, a little help with the final touch up made a difference too. The final product would make any kiddos (and parents) proud. I am still waiting for my new house before hanging all their drawings up on the wall!
Art Lessons
The holidays art classes are really just trials and only lasts over 2 hours, and the real deal would be the various art programmes where the students will learn all the art basics at their own pace, and truly enjoy learning under the coaching of the teachers. Steffi went through a term of Little Picasso Kids last year, comprising of 10 lessons and benefited much from the programme.  
Art, like any other skills, is made so much easier with the right foundation. Starting the kiddos from young, and having the same teacher guide and follow through would yield the best results. Having interacted with all the teachers and seeing for myself how the lessons were conducted gave me the confidence to recommend heART Studio Singapore to you should you be looking for any arts enrichment classes for your kiddos.
Stacci with her beautiful painting and teacher Syafiq.
Teacher Jay with Leroy and his LEGO Captain America painting.
Steffi with teacher Elma who guided her on her Scarlet Witch!
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P/S The kiddos were invited to HeART Studio Singapore 's holiday classes. No monetary compensation was received.

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