Thursday, June 2, 2016

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shadow

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Cowabunga! The kiddos got to catch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shadow 2 days back at the movie preview. And Leroy thoroughly enjoyed the show, paying full attention to the action packed storyline. It was quite a mean feat, for he had a good 4-5hrs of outdoor fun prior to the evening preview, and he had proven to be able to fall asleep half-way through horror shows and even Zootopia before!
Can't contain their excitement at catching the movie!
I am no movie critic, and my basic vocabulary for a movie review would be “cannot make it”, “not bad”, “can do lah”, “awesome”, and maybe “shiok”! So my own unbiased personal review for this movie would be “can do lah”. Face it, you walk into a movie with this title, you would have expected how the movie would turn out to be like. You wouldn’t really expect the turtles to die right? And you would expect a happy ending with the villains defeated too correct? Well that was what happened.
There were many funny scenes that elicits much laughter from kids and adults alike, and Mikey had proven to be the clown again, with his many antics. However, one would need to go in with an open mind and just enjoy the flow and the actions (+ CGI). Do that, and you will be just fine. But once you start getting critical about everything, you will just be a bitter moviegoer. Yes, take note that almost EVERYTHING would be quite predictable.
I think he should be wearing orange. As wacky as Mikey!
The storyline revolved basically around Shredder escaping from the police, with the help of a brilliant scientist. But things didn’t go as planned and he got teleported into Dimension X where he met Krang and struck up a deal with him, well sort of. All Shredder needed to do was to find the pieces that would open up the portal for Krang to teleport to Earth and rule over everyone (together, he wished) with his Technodrome. Blundering sidekicks Bebop and Rocksteady joins the him (albeit unwillingly) this time, while the turtles tried their darn best to stop the impending invasion together with eye candy April.
The special effects are not too bad and would make for a nice weekday movie getaway with the kiddos this June holidays. My kiddos found the show awesome, and I am glad they did. I just cannot help but wonder how Shredder was that easily neutralized. Buay tahan...
So well, there you have it, the movie opens in cinemas today, 02 June 2016! Your kiddos will love it and thanks so much United International Pictures for the invite!   

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