Monday, June 6, 2016

Meeting the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS in Person!

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Leroy was raving about his LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS since he gotten his first two knights, Macy and Aaron a couple of months back, and these two fella had deciminated the rest of his (and my) LEGO characters with their powerful weaponry. Which medieval knight would stand a chance against such laser beams, powerful arrows and bananas???

Who could be happier than Leroy with his new additional to his LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS collection!
And now as if they are not powerful enough on their own, Leroy received an upgrade in the form of #70319 Macy's Thunder Mace and added another ally #70337 Ultimate Lance as well, thanks to the wonderful peeps from LEGO. He had been persuading me ever since he laid eyes on the sets, to allow him to build them and his chance finally came during his school holidays.

A very determined boy who stayed way past his bedtime to finish up his Thunder Mace!
I am really proud of him that he was able to complete the entire set on his own, only requiring me to help him with sticking on the stickers. Leroy is sure a determined boy. Determined to get  his hands on the sets since it arrived, determined to get my approval for him to go ahead for the build, and determined to finish up what he started, even working late into the night while his siblings all went to bed, just to complete the set. Awesome job! The Thunder Mace is quite a mean machine, and shoots projectiles with no mercy!

Macy, Macy Bot and Crust Smasher!
The clever placement of the gear allow you to flip the projectile launcher by turning the knob at the back.
These projectiles are easily launched by turning the gear at the back.

And for the NEXO fans out there, do you know that there is a LEGO NEXO KNIGHT experience happening at VivoCity from now till 19 June, from 10am - 10pm everyday. And of course the kiddos will be able to meet the heroic Clay and Lance in person for a meet-and-greet at the specific timings. Lots of fun filled activities for the LEGO fanatics for sure! Don't miss it! 

Check out LEGO Facebook Page for more information or go to for more NEXO KNIGHTS trivia!

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