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Punggol Have Mall, Ulu No More

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I don’t know about you, but it had been ages since I last shopped in Orchard. I always had the impression that things are more expensive over there, even the fast food restaurants. I believe you must have also read about how Orchard road shopping had lost its lustre. Now I only go pass Orchard in the bus on my way to work and I see beautiful facades with many brand names I could hardly pronounce, and definitely beyond what I can comfortably afford.

There are shopping malls in almost every neighbourhood these days and the range of goods these malls carry are comparable to downtown malls, baring those luxury brands I guess, not that I am missing those anyway. They are also located very conveniently next to MRT stations or even housing the stations for some. I could almost hear signs of relief from friend staying in the Seng Kang – Punggol region when the latest mall, Punggol Waterway Point, opened in Punggol. It is the latest in the “point” family of malls and created the most buzz, partly because the Punggol residents there were deprived of a decent shopping mall!

I knew from a start that new mall will be magnet for shoppers, with more than 200 tenants in a well-balanced retail, entertainment and F&B mix over 4 levels of the mall, especially now that Compasspoint is closed for renovations. I had been holding back my visit to the mall because I have heard from many that the mall was really crowded since it started business early this year, especially over the weekends and the crowd is still going strong. But luck has it that we were invited on a tour of the mall recently and I thought, hmm why not?

Punggol Waterway Point is connected to North East Line Punggol Station and it takes me roughly 40 minutes to lug 3 kiddos from my house in Ang Mo Kio, take a bus to Bishan for the Circle Line and lastly changing to the North East Line. It was easy, relatively smooth and in air-con comfort hence the kiddos were not complaining! Very convenient via the NEL I would say, and the mall is only a few steps away from the station.

I always thought that H&M must be a really expensive clothing line that will not be worth the price it probably charged. The clothes sure looked trendy and they had great looking models so you cannot really blame me for thinking this way. But I was wrong! It was my first time stepping into H&M and I was really surprised that the pricing were not as exorbitant as I would have expected. Also learnt that the company practices sustainability by encouraging shoppers to donate unwanted clothing in exchange for discount vouchers. Nice right?

Checking out the clothes at H&M!
While I checked out the prices. Hey, pretty decent I would say!
And she picked the pretty little hat herself!
Cute licensed products that simply shouts kawaii!
I don't even recall why that look!
My eyes get tired quite easily, especially with all the screen time I get, and I had to take off my spectacles to rest at times. For the first time (again), we popped over to eGG, an optical boutique and got my eyes tested. Aha… seemed like the reason for my discomfort was due to my astigmatism worsening. Thus I got myself a new pair of lenses from the bright and cheery shop. There were so many designs and types of lenses to choose from but luckily the salespersons were all really friendly and eager to help! The kiddos helped themselves to the capsule machine that dispenses spectacle-cleaning cloths in the capsules with spectacle purchases.

There were lots of customer browsing the frames at eGG while we were there.
Yay... I got to get my own stuff too!
Singaporeans are always game for some bargain right?
I had babysitting help that day from Grace from Working With Grace! Thanks ya!
I had a hard time picking out clothing for all the four kiddos at Cotton-On too, and it doesn’t help that they are having an on-going promotion with many items going at $10 each. We ended up with quite an impressive haul, with stuffs for all the kiddos under $100 in total. But it is not all about shopping only, for there are lots of F&B outlets too. We had waffles from Gelare and even ended our visit on a sweet note with more desserts from Ji De Chi 记得吃甜品. Choose from their wide range of durian-based desserts and you will not go wrong.

Had a swell time picking out clothes at Cotton On for the 3 kiddos at home and the little bro at home.
Some coloring to keep them occupied at Gelare before our food arrives,
Yummy waffles with ice-cream!
Ji De Chi serves tradition Hong Kong styled hot / cold desserts such almond paste or black sesame paste, as well as shaved ice desserts.
The Durian Snow Ice was my favourite, simply because I loved durians and had me savouring every mouthful! 
Time flies when you are having fun (the kiddos loved the free play area), or if you are shopping! We barely scratched the surface with our few hours at the mall and it looked like repeat visits to this family-friendly mall are imminent. Thank you for hosting us Frasers Centrepoint Malls, we had great fun exploring!

The kids can run amok here, although it is a little crowded on weekends.
Walked into Times, which is looking more like a departmental store to me now, selling all sorts of stuff.
Yishion, sounding like a name play on Fashion I guess.

Stacci going through their collection.
With all the promotions decked out by the various outlets, we managed this impressive haul from few hours of shopping at the mall!
Attempt at Singapore Book Of Records

From 06 to 12 June, Punggol Waterway Point will also be hosting the Largest Play-Doh® Cupcake Tower in celebration of Play-Doh’s 60th birthday. Shoppers may participate in this record-setting feat by contributing their very own Play-Doh® cupcakes to the cupcake tower, and the week-long birthday bash will also be packed with creative Play-Doh® making workshops and story-telling sessions.

The Grateful Singapore Sale *

Frasers Centrepoint Malls is currently running The Grateful Singapore Sale campaign from 20 May to 26 June 2016 across 12 malls. Shoppers will be rewarded with prizes worth a total of S$440,000 including:

Daily Rewards: Exclusive to Frasers Rewards members, shoppers will receive $5 or $10 rebates worth over S$370,000 with every $50 or $100 spent respectively. They will also enjoy a bonus rebate when they charge their purchases to a Citi Credit Card.

Weekly Freebies: Catch The Frasers Thank You Squad roaming the malls as they dole out weekly freebies with no minimum spend required. Nostalgic ice-cream sandwiches and water shooters keep shoppers cool, while helium-filled walking pet balloons and flowery tote bags will make everyone’s day.

Year-round Prizes: 10 lucky winners will get a chance to win year-long prizes worth over $20,000 in total. Spend just $30 for a chance to win prizes such as free tickets to the movies every week, free taxi rides or a trolley full of free groceries every month.

Terms and conditions apply, check out for more information.

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