Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Record-breaking Dessert Pizza

It is rare that the kiddo breaks something that does not lead to me hyperventilating! In this case, they had actually joined hands with many others to help create the largest dessert pizza, breaking the record in Singapore! It took place on 03 June at NUS Sheares Hall, earning Pezzo Pizza and Club Rainbow (Singapore) an entry in the Singapore Book of Records.

But of course, Pezzo’s corporate social responsibility initiative does not stop here. The special Club Rainbow pizza (topped with Nutella chocolate, caramelised bananas, marshmallows and heart-shaped sprinkles) will be available for sale at S$4.90 per slice, three slices at S$12.90 and a full pan at S$24.90.

Part of the sales proceeds of the Club Rainbow Pizza will be donated to Club Rainbow, offsetting expenses it incurs from helping children with various chronic and life-threatening illnesses. So yes, you can play a part too!

Visit www.pezzo.com.sg for information about the promotions, or http://pezzo.com.sg/locations/ for a list of Pezzo kiosks.

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