Monday, January 23, 2017

Camp Ecotopia

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Camp Ecotopia is a 3-day camp organized by Camp Chartwell that lucky Steffi, Leroy and Stacci got to attend last December holidays. In all honestly, I had no inkling of what they will be going through in the camp, but I reckoned that they will be properly taken care of. I also know for a fact that it sure beats having them "wasting" their time at home (often on their individual devices), while the two of us work during the school holidays. 

My first impression on the first day of camp was "wow... machiam no adults one ah? Only students taking care of kids?", because all the Camp Chartwell peeps looked really young, like JC or poly students! But when I got home from work that evening, my wife exclaimed that the kiddos were really enjoying their time there, so much so that they didn't even want to leave when she went to pick them up after her work. A stark contrast from how the kiddos get upset at times when we were late at picking them up from the childcare or school, and it seems that the "students' must be working some real magic on them. I know, because even when I asked the kiddos if they would forgo their electronic devices just to go to the camp, they all gave a resounding yes!

Since we had to leave the kids in the care of the facilitators (and we had to work anyway), we were none the wiser about what exactly went on at the camp as we worked. But as I reviewed the photos given to us, it was quite evident that they were enjoying their time during the 3-day camp. I loved it that the kiddos were given the room to explore and exercise their imagination building all sorts of stuff from recycled materials. And also how they were exposed to nature during their outing to Gardens By The Bay on the second day, where they learnt about the different plants parts, as well as the other beautiful shapes of nature (such as shells) that they used for the beautiful structures they built.

The kiddos also let in that they loved the dramatic performances of their very animated "Captains" as they shared the story of Chartwell Land with them. Besides thoroughly enjoying the dance rehearsals, the other highlight of their camp would have to be the tea breaks, which Steffi exclaimed, was way better than their lunch!

At the end of the 3-day camp, the thoughtful Captains also put together an entertaining and meaningful performance for us parents, that revolved around the theme of sustainability and loving of our planet. It was amazing to see how all the kiddos enjoyed putting up the performance, which showed in their smiles. I am sure many of them would have had to overcome their own fears to put up the performance. Steffi and Leroy were super excited after their second day at the camp, and had to remind me numerous time to come watch them on the third day!


I had seen for myself how much the 3 kiddos enjoyed the camp, and also felt the confidence they gained and exuded in their final performance. It was really amazing how much they gained over the 3 short days, through music, dance, theatre and visual arts! No worries about different kiddos having different characters or learning capabilities, because the captains take all these into account and tweak the programme accordingly so that all are kept interested. No one will be left behind and everyone had their part to play, with the older kiddos even taking care of the younger ones at times!

Thank you so much for having the kiddos over for the awesome camp Camp Chartwell, and it was so awesome that they kept asking me about the next camp! As for all you parents out there, you can check out their official website for upcoming programmes!

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