Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Benefits of Gardening with Kids

When we ask the kiddos about their hobbies or activities after school hours, chances are they would answer enrichment classes or playing on their mobile devices. Technology is a huge part of our lives these days, so much so that almost everything that we used to enjoy, has a virtual side to it. While we may have physically shopped for products and services in the past, these days we shop online. In the past, we used to often meet up and have fun with our friends and family but now we follow each other on social media and interact through likes and comments. Gardening has even been replaced with the “Farmville” app! 

It is time we expose our kiddos to real gardening, lest they turn into adults with only hazy ideas of where the produce in the supermarkets come from, and not even knowing the basics for growing some greens for survival. And exposing Steffi to the basics of gardening was my first step in getting her interested in what I love doing when I have the free time too. I always find that keeping plants has a very therapeutic effect on me. Some what are the benefits of gardening with the kiddos?


One can read about all the different types of plants and the way they can be propagated. But nothing beats having hands on experience and growing your own plants from seeds, through cuttings and even division and marvel at the miracle of life itself! Through gardening, they can learn about science too! 

Fun Bonding 

In the near future, I would imagine visiting nurseries with Steffi and having a discussion with her on the type of ornamental plants we would both like to grow in our home. We may even try growing some melons or herbs too! But for now, it is already enjoyable teaching her how to prepare suitable substrates for the seeds, or how deep to stick the plant cuttings into and to see that she thoroughly enjoys the bonding sessions. 

Inculcate Patience 

As mentioned earlier, technology may have made everything more efficient but it also drastically reduced the attention span of the kiddos, who now craves instant gratifications. Gardening on the other hand, requires lots of responsibility and patience. Waiting for the seedlings to sprout and grow, or for the plants to mature and flower takes time and makes the end result something to look forward to. I would say that is a good way to reverse the negative effects that technology had on our growing kiddos. 

Love For Nature 

We are all but guests on this planet we share with all the other living creatures, but we had been carelessly causing harm to Earth because of our greed. It is good that we teach our kiddos from young, how to care properly care for plants (and other creatures too), and who knows it may jolly well be a survival skill too! 

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