Sunday, January 15, 2017

School Tales Review

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The Thais are known for the their witty, and often touching commercials. But that's not all, they also produce some of the scariest horror movies, often with twists and turns that makes the entire experience enjoyable too. It will not be easy to replicate or to meet the expectations of movie-goers these days.

School Tales revolved around a group of band mates who had to stay late in school, presumably for some late night practices. And just like your typical teenager, they decided to scare the shit out of each other by retelling some purported true ghost stories that happened in their school. It does seem that the school is really haunted, with different ghosts occupying different places around the compound! There are ghosts in the music room, stairway, corridor and even the library. Makes me wonder how can the students study in peace. Oh wait, it's ok as long as they do not stay late in school!

The movie is rated PG-13 and is unfortunately not as scary as I would have loved it to be. With the sound effects, some of the chases were quite scary though! There were no need for any exorcism experts whatsoever as the youngsters were all able to placate the spirits somehow. I believe even my two older kiddos will be able to stomach it. It is now showing in the cinemas, you can go catch it during the weekdays, and the redeeming factors would be the pretty things / handsome faces you can oogle at. 

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