Sunday, January 22, 2017

Car Free Sunday Singapore

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Was never really interested in Car Free Sunday to be honest. Since I never had any car before, EVERYDAY was car-free for me ever since I got my driving license more than 2 decades ago. But this is different lah, since it's the roads that are car-free and not me! It so happens that I am also off this weekend and thought that it would be a great bonding time with the family. Well, I never thought that it was this eventful!

For the first time in my life, I got to try out peddling a trishaw, and ferried the whole family no less! Was told that the trishaws were really meant for volunteers to ferry the elderly and less-abled around, but we got to try it out for the experience. I will certainly volunteer my time the next time round and do my little part! But prior to that, I better start working on my pair of old legs!

The Car Free Sunday event is split into two sides, namely the Civic District and the Telok Ayer side, and you can get to both sides via wheels or by foot. The Civic District side was more geared towards healthy lifestyle, with ActiveSG having quite a lot of activities such as football, basketball and tennis for the kiddos to try. Even Central CDC Farmer's Market had several booths set up to promote healthy organic food and stuff!

On the other hand, Telok Ayer with its rich history, had lion dance performances and chinese orchestra playing, much to the excitement of the kiddos. And since I expanded quite a bit of energy peddling earlier, our trip to My Awesome Cafe was all the more appreciated! Along with other neighboring cafes and food establishments, they have special set menus just for Car Free Sunday too! A very unique cafe I would say, and very instagrammable too!

Now I did mention that it was an eventful day right? Well, as Stacci was joining her siblings in the bouncing castle over at Esplanade Park after our trishaw ride, she lost her balance, fell and somehow injured her left arm. Luckily the really helpful staff from National Parks Board who was manning the booths nearby, managed to get the first-aider to check her out (after hearing her horrid screams) and with everybody's swift actions, she was whisked to KKH in no time. It is always good to know that in events such as this, the organizers always ensure that the safety of participants are never compromised, And in the event of any emergencies, we can be assured that we are always in good hands! Thanks to all, Stacci is all ok now after getting her elbow "fixed"!

Never thought that Car Free Sunday would be so much fun for the whole family (save for Stacci's unfortunate incident). I really should have participated in the previous road closures back then, but I will definitely be showing up in the next few events scheduled on 26 February, 26 March and 30 April this year. I will recommend that you bring your bicycles,skates or other wheels along, and experience for yourself what riding on your grandfather road feels like! Oh, the beautiful scenery along the way is awesome too! Thanks for inviting us over Car Free Sunday SG and you can also check out URA's website for more information! 

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