Saturday, January 14, 2017

Monster Trucks Review

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I have always had a fascination with nature, the plants and the animals and back then my parents will have to deal with the stuff I keep at home. I caught the Monster Truck preview with the kiddos last Sunday, and the octopi-looking creatures living undetected by humans till modern times seemed almost plausible with the great CGI, so much so that even I felt like keeping one!

Wouldn't it have been nice to keep one to power any automobile meant for the scrapyard, especially when cars are so expensive in Singapore. But that's just... daydreaming, because even if the creature exists, you will still need to pay COE as well as a license to keep the creature, not mentioning that it consumes a lot of fuel too! 

Even with those sharp teeth, Creech looked really adorable doesn't he?
In any case, I would have to admit that the storyline was absolutely predictable and adults might find it a little cliche, almost like watching E.T. again. However it would still make a perfect movie for the little ones and was heartwarming too! I know because all my 4 kiddos had a magical time at the movie, and even Louie who was throwing a little tantrum before the movie started, calmed down and watched it till the end! So if you are thinking of a suitable flick to bring the kiddos to, this would be a good choice!

Showing at the cinemas now, go catch it with the family! 

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